8th Panzer Regiment News – Aug, 2018

This past summer Comiket (C94) is the last Comiket during the Heisei period (the Emperor is abdicating in April 2019, so the Heisei will be changed to a new period name), and there was a lot of concern the July heatwave might leave many peope to suffer from heat stroke, but the thankfully, the temperature moderated somewhat. It was hot, but not at all like July. We were worried about a typhoon more than anything else, and even that was steered clear of Tokyo, so we were lucky.

The latest offering at Comic Market 94 were two books: India’s War against the Neuroi and Swelter.


I prepared a lot of notes regarding the Indian Army, especially regarding the cavalry units as I was researching my next installment of the Lionheart Witch and this book is the culmination of those efforts. I tried my best to present a coherent description regarding how India fought against the Neuroi, with a particular emphasis on the period prior to WW1 leading up to the early years of WW2.


The tank witches of WW2 employed land battle striker units (LBSU) is large numbers, but striker units (the mechanical contraptions worn on the legs) were matured into its current form in the late 1930s. However, this does not mean witches were not engaged in combat against the Neuroi prior to this. Witches could be divided into “broom riders” (those with the ability to easily fly in the skies) and “cavalry witches”. The vast majority of witches were land based witches, and cavalry witches were the most organized component of witch military forces. (There where multiple other types of witch formations, but that is something to be covered at a different time.)

This book tries to cover the cavalry witches in detail, with emphasis on how the mounted cavalry witches coordinated activities with other arms of the Indian Army and how the cavalry witches eventually became mechanised witch cavalry and thus evolved into armoured witch regiments.

I also covered the support elements, the Royal Indian Army Service Corps (RIASC) and the Indian Army Ordnance Corps (IAOC), as well as briefly explain how they were incorporated into the Indian Army Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (IEME). I wrote an entire sections of female Indian Army followers that helped the witches as well.

Yes, the entire book is in Japanese, but including both English and Japanese would have made the book far too thick. As it stands it is 74 pages, making it already thicker than the Osprey Elite series.

The book includes guest art by Yaruku, Erica, and Hiroshi Konishi.

You can buy this book via Toranoana from Japan. The book is a B5 size square bound publication with 74 pages including the full color covers and inner black and white pages.

Another book I did was an full color mini poster book. Swelter is a doujinshi marketplace exclusive book, and I plan on selling this publication only at doujinshi events and conventions.

01&12_8PzRgt_C94_swelter-flat copy20

This booklet is printed The publication is center bound so it can be spread out or flipped back to the illustration you want can be displayed prominently. It’s in A4 size, 74 including the full color covers and inner black and white pages.

Artwork by Juzo Minazuki, Ein Lee, oh_you_udon, GodSh0t, Ame Aobashi, Erica, Tokinii, Marukata, deel, Yasushi Abe, and Juzo Ukatsu are included.

06&07_8PzRgt_C94_swelter-flat copy20C94_swelter_sample_collectionのコピー

I hope you might have a chance to pick up this publication!

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