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Hello folks.
I hate to mention this on my blog, but I cannot send any replies to anyone using Comcast for their email account. If you are using Comcast’s email service, any email I send will bouce, and it doesn’t matter if I use other email clients or accounts.
It apprears that Comcast does not like IP addresses from Japan, or perhaps anyplace outside of the United States, for that matter.

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The Seduction of the Thought Police

Most aspects of what we consider “reality” are imaginary constructs built in our minds.

Since we are effectively powerless against truly random acts of violence, people strive for security and comfort in any means possible.

When a “pain-free” easy solution to a social ill is presented, and if you have little stake in the costs involved, many will accept that cost, even if it is a false security.

Regulating fiction and art is never effective, and it never addresses the causes behind violence, but it makes us feel better.

We feel we have done something, even if it is futile.

Most of us place emphasis on our emotions and sentiments that are registered in our hearts, and have difficulty heeding insights that are constructed in detached logic by our minds that are grounded in actual numbers.

Our sense of vulnerability, made raw by savage aspects of our existence on this planet, fed to us 247 through the countless LCDs surrounding us, seeks immediate addressal.

We encounter an injustice. Our peace of mind is ruptured. We desire a solution, and we will accept the prescription given, even if we do not understand it. A sense of authority and legitimacy, and the warm feeling of compassion radiated by the speaker, will be enough to turn a blind eye upon the costs invoked.

For there never is a cost free solution.

There are moments when we will feel embolden to cry foul at those who wish to silence us, but many times this is an emotional reaction to our normality of existence. By nature, humans avoid confrontation, and when speech leads to confrontation, the natural inclination is to ask the intruding speaker to be “more polite.”

But who sets the standards for politeness? It is the majority. It is authority. Most of us will support such standards as it is believed to be an extension of our own common sense. Culture is a norm that is shared by many and most believe they are encompassing. But to those who do not or cannot share those norms, they are alienating.

The true test of free speech does not arise when it protects the status quo or the norms of our existence. The true test of free speech is tested in how a society can tolerate speech that attacks the status quo and what we hold dear.

But fighting for the rights of others to be a thorn in your side is tiring and thankless. To be perfectly frank, many of us will silently hope that people raising their voices will go away, even when we agree with them.

We don’t want to see people arguing, and that is why we give so much power to the police and administrators. We want to let the experts handle all those noisy people.

We simply want to be left alone, content in our own worlds.

We allow words like “trust,” “responsiblity” and “faith” to be is abused endlessly, but we welcome such abuses because it makes the confusing world we live in seem more manageable, more concrete.

When you move away from the talking heads and the hysteria of the bold type, it becomes easier to realize the fragility of our existence and how we are residents of worlds we construct ourselves. And yet, few wish to acknowledge such evanescence.

We seek clarity, even if it blinds us. We seek security, even if enslaves us.

Thought policing never stops a person from having evil thoughts. Thought policing makes us feel better. It does not make us safer.

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『獅子の魔女 ハルファヤの鉄火』冬コミ情報[書店委託情報追加]

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『獅子の魔女』第三巻(『獅子の魔女 ハルファヤの鉄火』前編)
本編:小説・兼光ダニエル真 挿絵・水無月十三
総参加者リスト(掲載順):水無月十三、司淳、サンクマ、兼光ダニエル真、A士、高永浩平、VT、もず、蒔野靖弘、TYPE90、さなづらひろゆき、Phil Moy、長谷川竹光、やぶのうぐいす、宇佐美皓一、ぽ~じゅ、土代昭治、逢摩文七朗、おおたたけし、清水清(敬称略)

94-ootaB&Hflat_20th 83-yabuno_kruschinski(adj)flat_20th 88-dodai_Kuemmelon250flat_20th87-pojuflat_20th

『獅子の魔女』第四巻(『獅子の魔女 ハルファヤの鉄火』後編)
本編:小説・兼光ダニエル真 挿絵・水無月十三
総参加者リスト(掲載順):大田和寛、音引ケンジ、まるかた、サンクマ、兼光ダニエル真、水無月十三、Bach、A士、長谷川竹光、あかやま壽文、こいでたく、もず、VT、Jeffrey Moy、あさりよしとお、逢摩文七朗、みるはしうるる、bolze、やぶのうぐいす、清水清、高永浩平、TYPE90、蒔野靖弘(敬称略)



sample copy10


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『獅子の魔女 ハルファヤの鉄火』冬コミ発行決定



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khara’s Experimentation goes Global.

Studio khara’s new animation project has been launched!

I was lucky enough to be alowed to handle the English subtitles for The Dragon Dentist. I hope you’ll enjoy it. khara wanted to make sure it would be accessible for a global audience.

Just as with the case of the Evangelion film English subtitles that were shown at Tokyo International Film Festival, I worked with the original creators to make sure the English subtitles best represented their vision. khara wanted this project to be subtitled in English so it could be shared with the largest audience possible so more would know there is still a lot of new possibilities within animation, especially when common constraints associated with most commercial releases are not there.

Please spread the word and enjoy!

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無断転載禁止 All unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.
無断翻訳・掲載禁止 All unauthorized translations and publications will not be tolerated.
この文章を削除しても違法性はなくなりません。 The removal of this statement shall not lessen the illegality of the unauthorized act.

私は英語が書けません。この文章は機械翻訳です。保証できません。I cannot write English. This text is written via machine translation. I cannot vouch for its content.

ご意見ありがとうございます。今後参考にさせてもらいます。Thank you for your feedback. I will keep it in mind for the future.

当方の表現を不快に感じて残念です。そちらのご気分を損ねるのが目的ではなかったのでどうかご容赦ください。I am sorry that my creative work offended you. Please forgive me as it was not my intention to hurt your feelings.

申し訳ありませんが、あまり接点のない読者層について配慮することは大変難しいです。I am sorry, but it is very difficult to take into consideration an audience that I am not familiar with.

楽しんで頂けて何よりです。今後も一層がんばりたいと思います。I am glad you were able to enjoy it. I will try to put in even more effort in my future works.

リアルの私の趣味は違います。In my real life, my hobbies and tastes are different.

そちらのご要望に対して簡単なスケッチしか出来ませんが、よろしいですか?I can only draw a simple sketch to meet your request. Is that fine?

皆さんと楽しい時間を共有できてうれしいです。I’m glad we were able to share fun times together.

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最後にまだ前提ですが、『獅子の魔女3』の表紙を紹介しましょう。00_lhw03(cvr_f)v2nc copy20

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