Celebrating 20 Years of Evangelion

Eva20-web copy20

20 years ago, another world of animation opened up. I still remember watching the first episode. I remember where I was and what I was doing. That’s how amazing Eva was to me.

And it still is amazing. Both the original series as well as the new films I am blessed to be part of.

Back then I never imaged I would actually be participating in anything even remotely related to Evangelion. But here I am now, 20 years later, desperately trying to figure out how those memorable lines could be best represented in English and doing my best to meet the expectations placed upon me during the original production process.

I watch the films endlessly during production. I review the material over and over again during translation and supervision.

And each time, I notice something different. Each time, I am awed anew.

As Mr. Anno mentioned in his message, Evangelion is still a project in motion. The 20 years have been amazing and the coming conclusion of the new theatrical edition will be mind-blowing.

I think the next 20 years will be even more interesting for Evangelion.

Stick around.

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1 Response to Celebrating 20 Years of Evangelion

  1. Nicky86 says:

    I want to thank you Dan for all your hard work to protect manga and anime from these hypocrities foreigners that stick their nose into other countries affairs, expecially when they debate about something they don’t know, i’m referring expecially on the last attack from UN.
    You and all anime and manga artist should continue to fight hard, ignore these ignorant people and keep alive your culture and freedom of speech. Forever.
    Thanks again Dan.

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