8th Panzer Regiment News – Dec, 2017

I realize that this is quite old news but please forgive me as I’ve been quite busy. I’m still way over my head with on-going projects.

At Comic Market 93, I was able to publish the latest installment of the Lionheart Witch series. The Lionheart Witch Volume 6 featured Beda Fomm – The Desert Hunting Ground, a story that covers the Battle for Beda Fomm, where Britannian tank witches and regular forces fight desperately to keep open an evacuation corridor south of Benghazi.

001lhw06 cover01spread copy30

I placed particular emphasis on showcasing the efforts of regular forces–The cruiser tanks of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, the 25-pounder guns of the 4th Royal Horse Artillery, the armoured cars of the 11th Hussars, the fighting men of the 2nd Battalion, Rifles Brigade are all featured in the story along with the land battle combat witches of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment. In fact, the main protagonist of  Beda Fomm – The Desert Hunting Ground is not Lea Leakey of the 1RTR, but Norman Plough of the 2RTR commanding a A13 Mk.IIA tank.

For course, the tank witches are active as always. Beda Fomm – The Desert Hunting Ground not only features Lea Leakey, Joanna Doyle, Halley Adams, Milly Milligan (who were all featured in The Witches of Tobruk) but also introduces Edith Leakey and Robin Macgregor. Beda Fomm – The Desert Hunting Ground is written by Dan Kanemitsu and illustrated by Hetzer Furukawa.

The story is featured in Japanese, but there is plenty of artwork that anyone interested in the world of Lionheart Witches should be able to enjoy.

The Lionheart Witch Volume 6 includes contributions by Hiroshi Konishi, ILMA Express, Tokinii, Sankuma, Acea4, Kamiya Ogawa, Ruen Rouga, Hajime Yoshida, Bunshichiro Ouma, Yasuhiro Makino, Kazuhiro Oota, R-Ex, TYPE.90, Takeshi Oota, Erica, Takemitsu Hasegawa. The book is over 100 pages thick, with 4 pages of color illustration added on.

If you buy the book in Japan, you can also get a 20 page full color booklet, titled The Blossoming Land’s End. This booklet included contributions by Mikoyan, Sankuma, Erica, Marukata, Junkpuyo, ge-b, EU03, Ein Lee Kotetsu Yamanaka, Tokinii, Nenchi, Hetzer Furukawa, TC, and oh_you_udon.


You can buy The Lionheart Witches Volume 6 via mail order through Toranoana.

At Comic Market 93, two more books were published.

0120swr_cover_spread-flat copy30

Safari Witches in Repose is a book where the witches let their hair down. It featured witches having fun as opposed to fighting Neuroi, so if you are interested in a book where there more skin exposed than in other books, this book is just right for you.

The book is 28 pages long and features artwork and manga by Dan Kanemitsu, Hetzer Furukawa, Jyuzou Ukatsu, Jyuzou Minazuki, Bunshichirou Ouma, Ame Aobashi, Takeshi Oota, Sugisaki, Hisahiko, Yasuhiro Makino, VT, Taku Koide, Erica, Mozu, Hekiu, Kiyoshi Shimizu, Terepin Uona, Ogawa Kamiya, R-Ex, Kouhei Takanaga, Yoshitoh Asari.

You can buy Safari Witches in Repose via mail order through Toranoana.

The last book,  The Blessing of the Magi, was a Comiket 93 exclusive publication.

01-C93omake-flat copy20

The Blessings of the Magi was a 16 page short story featuring Kümmel, Becker, Newton, Scammel, Miles, Dickens, Singh, and Kahn. This was the first time I had characters from Australis and Karlsland featured together. The story also introduced Jensen and Hynes, both regular Australis female soldiers invovled providing amenities as part of the Australis Defense Force Canteen services. I hope to do other stories like this in the future.

Eventually, I’d like to have this book available as a regular story with illustrations included.

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