『獅子の魔女 ハルファヤの鉄火』冬コミ発行決定



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khara’s Experimentation goes Global.

Studio khara’s new animation project has been launched!

I was lucky enough to be alowed to handle the English subtitles for The Dragon Dentist. I hope you’ll enjoy it. khara wanted to make sure it would be accessible for a global audience.

Just as with the case of the Evangelion film English subtitles that were shown at Tokyo International Film Festival, I worked with the original creators to make sure the English subtitles best represented their vision. khara wanted this project to be subtitled in English so it could be shared with the largest audience possible so more would know there is still a lot of new possibilities within animation, especially when common constraints associated with most commercial releases are not there.

Please spread the word and enjoy!


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無断転載禁止 All unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.
無断翻訳・掲載禁止 All unauthorized translations and publications will not be tolerated.
この文章を削除しても違法性はなくなりません。 The removal of this statement shall not lessen the illegality of the unauthorized act.

私は英語が書けません。この文章は機械翻訳です。保証できません。I cannot write English. This text is written via machine translation. I cannot vouch for its content.

ご意見ありがとうございます。今後参考にさせてもらいます。Thank you for your feedback. I will keep it in mind for the future.

当方の表現を不快に感じて残念です。そちらのご気分を損ねるのが目的ではなかったのでどうかご容赦ください。I am sorry that my creative work offended you. Please forgive me as it was not my intention to hurt your feelings.

申し訳ありませんが、あまり接点のない読者層について配慮することは大変難しいです。I am sorry, but it is very difficult to take into consideration an audience that I am not familiar with.

楽しんで頂けて何よりです。今後も一層がんばりたいと思います。I am glad you were able to enjoy it. I will try to put in even more effort in my future works.

リアルの私の趣味は違います。In my real life, my hobbies and tastes are different.

そちらのご要望に対して簡単なスケッチしか出来ませんが、よろしいですか?I can only draw a simple sketch to meet your request. Is that fine?

皆さんと楽しい時間を共有できてうれしいです。I’m glad we were able to share fun times together.

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最後にまだ前提ですが、『獅子の魔女3』の表紙を紹介しましょう。00_lhw03(cvr_f)v2nc copy20

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Tokyo Begins Moralizing of Manga

Many of you have asked information regarding Tokyo’s recent decision to brand Imōto Paradise! 2 as harmful minors under the new guidelines that were created when Bill 156 was passed in December of 2010.

I’ve provided my feedback on this issue at the CBLDF website:
Tokyo Government Declares Imōto Paradise! 2 Manga Unhealthy

I highly recommend supporting the CBLDF as they follow this issues continually.

I am currently very busy with numerous projects as of now, some of which I hope you’ll be able to enjoy overseas sometime soon.

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C85冬コミにはちょっとした予告本を用意させて頂きました。いつもお世話になっている高永浩平さんと合同誌で、『Witches Confidential』(ウィッチーズ・コンフィデンシャル=魔女たちの秘密)と題してこれまで書き溜めた設定や次号の掲載予定の原稿を一部紹介します。いつもお世話になっている水無月十三さんの新作キュンメルイラストも掲載しております。高永さんの魔王ちゃん、ナオちゃん、ウルスラにニパも必見ですよ!



コミックマーケット C85 東京ビッグサイト 2013/12/31(三日目)
第8装甲連隊 O-15a (東館2ホール)
土鳩団 ヌ-37b (東館6ホール)



■サークル「Firstspear」様の片方の新刊を英訳しました。艦娘写真集です。日英併記しているから英語勉強に丁度いいですよ?艦娘はfleet girls。覚えておきましょう。




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2013 Draws to a Close

Well the year is almost over, and I certainly won’t miss it. 2013 was a tough year. I only hope 2014 will be a little easier on the nerves.

To say I have been busy would be a slight understatement. As you have noticed, I have not had a chance to update my blog in a couple of months. In those couple of month, a lot has transpired. I worked on multiple projects, some I can mention and some I can’t. I went to New York Comic Con to help CBLDF’s efforts to educate and encourage dialogue regarding censorship of manga and anime. I also helped CBLDF’s appearence at Comitia 106 in October. I will be heading out to Comiket 85 now. This year’s winter Comiket will run right up to Dec. 31st, so I may not have a chance to write an entry into this blog again this year. Happy holidays and happy new years.

Some interesting stuff:
I wrote and translated all the artist profiles included in khara’s latest 2014-2015 calendar.
I see people are already talking about it in the English language forums. I am not sure how orders can be placed from overseas, but the calendar will be available from many Japanese retail outlets, so I would assume one of them might be willing to ship them overseas. I looked around a little and noticed that Amazon Japan has them for sale.

Takeshi Nogami will be publishing two Kankore books at Comiket 85. I translated one of the books, a faux fleet girls military photo chronicle into English. I tried my best to replicate the faux military historical narrative touch of the text written by Mr. Jofuu Kuroda. They match Nogami’s artwork wonderfully. I hope my English text will do so as well.
Check out Takeshi Nogami’s Twitter account for more information.

I’ve also done a bunch of other work, but let me just skip ahead to my trip to New York. The last time I was in New York was over 25 years ago, and this was my first New York Comic Con. I had wonderful discussions with many people and appreciated the enthusiasm people had for this unique medium. I would like to expend my sincere gratitude to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Here’s some more information about that trip.

Well the Japanese Diet was back in session for a couple of months, and Prime Minister Abe had his hands full. The consumption tax will be raised next year. A huge economic relief package is also being prepared. The negotiations over the Trans Pacific Partnership is in full swing. A Special State Secrets Protection Law has passed the Diet and that brought about storms of protests as being authoritarian and being overly broad. Strange. That reminds me of a few other laws of Japan. The issue of collective security has been brought about into the forefront, as China and Japan’s confrontation near Okinawa has raised the stakes.

With the initial economic boost from the new fiscal policies adopted by the Abe Administration losing steam, there has been much discussion about how to prop up the Japanese economy that’s still very weak after the Great Recession. And then there is the utter mess of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant cleanup efforts and major lags in the reconstruction of Northeast Japan after the great earthquakes and tsunami.

In other words, revision to the Japanese Child Pornography Law did not have a chance to come up with so many things on the legislative agenda, but you can fully expect it to return next year. The new session of the Japanese Diet will start on Jan. 28th and last until June 26th. There is a very good chance something big will happen soon.

That’s all for now.

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