Governor Ishihara’s Alternate Universe

Tokyo Governor Claims Child Rape Manga are Marketed for Kids and Its Readers have Warped DNA

Listening to Tokyo Governor Ishihara talk about manga and society, I can’t help but wonder if he lives in a different world than mine. A world were crime is more rampant than ever before and social order is breaking down, thanks to the moral decay caused by pornography being available in the hands of minors.

But manga featuring graphic hard core erotic depictions, especially the “anti-social” variety, has already been regulated so that minors can’t have access to them without parental permission prior to Bill 156. Crime is way down compared to the 50’s and 60’s, and there have been very little mass demonstrations or rioting conducted by Japanese youth since the 70’s.

But Governor Ishihara seems to feel different. Below is a statement by statement translation of part of his regularly scheduled press conference conducted on Dec.17th, 2010. I present this segment to you in full so you can make decision on your own.
Excerpt of 3:09~6:26 sections.

— Start here:

Weekly Asahi:
Oonuki from the Weekly Asahi.
I would like to ask you questions pertaining to the Tokyo Youth Protection and Development Ordinance [revision] that was passed in the full assembly just previously.
Governor, you stated in “True Sex Education” [a book that Mr. Shintaro Ishihara wrote in 1972] that no book of any sort could instigate children toward crime or delinquency, and that even if all undesirable books were wiped off the planet, crime would still take place.
Has your thoughts on this matter changed since then?

Governor Ishihara:
Oh yes, it changed quite a lot since.

Weekly Asahi:
Oh really?

Governor Ishihara:
I was misguided back then.

Weekly Asahi:
Oh really?

Governor Ishihara:
These days, the world has become a lot more crazy.
You see, back then books that affirmed perversion were few and far between.
I have no idea what kind of magazine Weekly Asahi is, but would you print that kind of stuff in your magazine?
[Note: Weekly Asahi happens to be one of Japan’s most famous weekly news magazine that available at every bookstore and train stations in Japan.]

Weekly Asahi:
Well, we wouldn’t print it because I don’t think our readers would be find [such material] entertaining.

Governor Ishihara:
Exactly. Now would your newspaper, no your [Asahi] TV network, would they feature on screen the the [contents of the] kind of manga itself in question?

Weekly Asahi:
On screen?

Governor Ishihara:
Would you show it?

Weekly Asahi:
On broadcast TV?

Governor Ishihara:

Weekly Asahi:
But we are talking about print, which is a different medium.

Governor Ishihara:
No no, I’m asking you if you could show it on TV.
About exposing something like that on TV where anyone in the general public could see it, unlike having something like that on a book rack in a convenience store where its targeted toward a limited group of people.

Weekly Asahi:
I think that depends on the situation.

Governor Ishihara:
Depends on the situation? You would show it? Without any [visual alteration]?

Weekly Asahi:
Well I think if we feel it needs to be shown, we would show it.

Governor Ishihara:
Well if you did, the public would understand this better. That regulating something like this only natural.
[I’m] not saying people can’t draw this stuff.
I only approved [of this legislation] because it was about not exposing this stuff to children.
It’s clear there are perverts in this world. Sad people with warped DNA.
If these kind of people with these kinds of tastes, if they want to read and draw this kind of stuff and get excited over it, that’s fine by me, really.
Although, I don’t Western societies would tolerate such things very much.
Japan has become too uninhibited.
But you know, this stuff is abnormal, isn’t it?
Next question.

Weekly Asahi:
Excuse me, with regard to…

Governor Ishihara:

Weekly Asahi:
Um, I would like to ask a follow-up regarding what you just stated, but just how exactly have things changed since you wrote that book?

Governor Ishihara:
Things weren’t so bad, back then.

Weekly Asahi:
So you changed your mind since things have gotten worse now?

Governor Ishihara:
Yes, I think [this stuff] has gotten way out of hand.

Weekly Asahi:
How have things gotten out of hand?

Governor Ishihara:
For example, Mr. Yasunari Kawabata was strongly influence by Nabokov’s Lolita and wrote a bizarre novel, and while that [book] was rather shocking when it was first released, but still is wasn’t so escalated and managed to capture poetic beauty.
But look, you got this stuff that’s all out in the open, and listen, men can’t marry children that aren’t 7 or 8 years old, and having girls like this being raped, that kind of thing, how to do I put it, being portrayed as a part of a narrative that’s supposed to be justified, is something that I frankly believe serves no useful purpose what so ever, and it’s a poison with no redeeming qualities what so ever.

— Ends here.

The Governor moves on to other topics after this.

Now, I have no idea what books Mr. Ishihara has on his mind when he says there are comics that kids can buy that feature 8 year old girls getting raped. I’ve been in Japan for long time. I’ve seen a lot of manga.

Prior to 1991, there was no clear institutionalized distinction between adult manga and non-adult manga. In 1991, publishers voluntarily created the “adult comics” label, and manga that features hard core erotica aimed for adults have this rating placed on the cover to indicate that the book is not meant to be accessed by minors. Keep this in mind when I make the following statement.


I’m talking about hard core depictions where the purpose is to sexually stimulate the reader through the portrayal of rape. I’ve never seen it, and I’ve talked to many experts and even journalists that have covered the subject of manga and censorship, and they say they have never heard of such a title either.

Even if there were such a book or a number of books like this, they hardly constitute a large selection of manga that is available to general audiences. Furthermore, such a manga title would most likely considered too sexually stimulating and/or too sadistic, a criteria by which something could be designated harmful by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government without Bill 156’s passage.

I’m sure many could fault other inconsistencies and misleading aspects in the statements that the Governor makes, and you are free to use this text to point these out.

Let me remind you that I fully support Mr. Shintaro Ishihara’s right to condemn and criticize any work he does not approve, but I would further argue that discontent over a limited set of books should not be grounds for revising a legal framework that impacts multiple mediums of artistic expression.

Regarding bias, I will admit outright that I am an opponent of Bill 156 and other attempt to curb free speech, not just manga and anime, but also video games, political speech, education, novels, movies and yes, even Mr. Ishihara’s novels.

But at the same time, I try my best to relay an accurate picture as best as possible. My first professionally published translation was in 1989 and I’ve tried very hard to be an authentic translator that is both accurate and accessible, but I will admit I tend to place higher emphasis on accuracy over accessibility (my translations, unedited, tends to be a little wordy and wooden because I follow the original Japanese passages so closely).

I also provide links the original material whenever possible. You are free to cross-check and verify my translations.

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97 Responses to Governor Ishihara’s Alternate Universe

  1. drmchsr0 says:

    So wait, it’s not okay for kids to view sexually explicit manga, but it’s okay to read rape novels and expose them to the likes of The Fisherman’s Wife? (which is a famous woodcut print of a woman and her… … … intimate relations with octopi/octopuses/octopedes)

    Regulation of porn is one thing, but saying you don’t care about the reporter and dissing people is… … … quite unpleasant, to say the least.

    And I’m supposed to be the bigot, on account of me being a Christian.

    • dankanemitsu says:

      I was amazed at how tenacious the Weekly Asashi reporter was. She’s one of the few people that really held the Governor’s feet to the fire.

    • Chiaki says:

      Actually, if I recall correctly, “The Fisherman’s Wife” is currently illegal to show in Japan due to post war censorship laws. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I heard once.

      • dankanemitsu says:

        The Japanese censorship law (Penal Code 175) has not changed since it was first written in the Meiji era.

        What has changed is how it is enforced. The police often picks and chooses who they go after, so while no one absolutely sure what is absolutely safe, by the fact that the police have stopped arresting people for certain types of material indicates where the standards are now.

        Yes, it is not a very good system, but that is how it is.

  2. Nanta555 says:

    Thank you for your hard work, Mr Dan.
    If I may? I would like post your New to my facebook group which I am running. so I could spread the news an Information to my friends. I like your works that it is accurate and not in one side. I like this kind of news. ^^

    Peronally, Governor Ishihara is wise but it seems like he overestimates himself too much. His comments are too revealing of the sentence “I am old and experienced, So I have the authority”. I would like to Simplify his comments. Believe or not is your choice. The whole topic he is saying is quite revealed to be “Don’t draw anything Mature-sense”. If you read it directly it may appears to be that he is respecting the drawers(Little) but it you change your view to other side it is “You drawers are pervert.”

    One more thing: He diversed the topic flow from Novel, and Manga to TV animes. Th reason is because he also HAS a history in this (Novel). “History Never Changes, but we can ERASE it.” He might say “I was Misguided” but that should be an excuse. Because as Politician, Having a History like this and in this situation, it will damage his image directly if he don’t have an excuse. “Why did he decided to change his mind NOW?” and “What exactly is the reason behind the beginning of the bill 156?”

    Again, I Personally think like this so please don’t Argue ><

    Keep the good work Mr Dan

    • dankanemitsu says:

      Thank you.
      You’re free to reprint what I write on this blog as long as you indicate where you are quoting from and please don’t let your post entirely be a reprint of my post. I think it would be better to remove my Japanese section for many readers who might get scared and you should probably explain what this is about.
      At least, that would be what I would do.

  3. Nobody says:

    I get the distinct feeling that Ishihara hasn’t actually read the legislation he was a proponent of.

    Part of me wonders, because I can only come up with a couple of scenarios where this law’s passage makes sense:

    1) The proponents are crazy, and honestly believe it will eliminate these nonexistent lolicon rape manga that children can buy. Perhaps by passing the law, they’ll then be able to see that such things are gone (despite never existing in the first place), and go away. Somehow, I doubt it though.

    2) It’s part of a long term strategy of eliminating eromanga entirely:

    : These horrible manga are being being bought by children! Think of the children! [Note: no evidence of said provided]
    : We’ll pass a law to make those books that couldn’t be bought by children now ….er…. not be able to be bought by children!
    [Law promptly does nothing]
    : These horrible manga are still being bought by children, even with the new law! [Again, no evidence provided] You’ve got to ban them entirely – that’s the only way to be sure! Think of the children!
    [Spineless / Deluded politicians pass a law banning eromanga entirely]

  4. SU says:

    I find it hard to understand why the Governor is so hardly convinced that anyone can get there hands on the material he’s refering to while he clearly says “having something like that on a book rack in a convenience store where its targeted toward a limited group of people.”

    Isn’ he clearly saying that the stores already focus the sales of such materials to readers that are 18 years or older. As such the censoring and “18+ label” already worked well enough prior to Bill 156.

  5. arrrgh says:

    I heard he is an author of school girls gang rape novel, is that true? If it is true, he may think that since he himself creates such a thing, manga authors also do the same . It might be the reason behind such a law. Or he may read hentai too much from internet and assumes every mangaka do it without verifying since he is old and has so much experience (at what?).

    Well, in any case, will my favorite shounen manga (Naruto, Beelzebub, One Piece, etc) be affected? Mostly because of violence, especially Beelzebub (glorifying school punks & fighting a lot). Oh no TT.TT

    • Liam Zwitser says:

      No, those clearly won’t be affected. The violence parts were already in the law, and he is stating clearly that he is only after certain sex manga.

      Don’t be ridiculous…

      • BlueMask says:

        if these Anime (Naruto, Beelzebub, One Piece, etc) are not going to be affected, then why did Shuiesha (that publishes shonen jump titles) decides to boycott Tokyo anime fair along with the rest manga publishing companies? I mean Shueisha doesn’t publish any child rape mangas? so why are they opposing to the law if their manga titles are not going to get affected?

        I apologize for asking….but Im really confused right now!

        • Amigo says:

          Its more or less they way Ishihara and the others handled the whole situation, i’m assuming. The way ishihara is talking (to me) is that the way he’s making it seems as though a good chunk of manga is about rape and it being sold to children.

        • Liam Zwitser says:

          They didn’t get any chance to have input on their bill and feel threated unfairly. Well, see what Amigo says below.

          Also, maybe out of comraderie?

      • Juvriael says:

        I don’t get if this law restrict Ecchi manga like Ikkitousen or To Love Ru, honestly…

        For sure this law restrict (if i’ve get well) manga like Negima (First half) (shotacon), Dance in vampire bound, Kodomo no Jikan (Lolicon), Tenshi Kinryouku, Aki Sora (Incest)…
        I don’t have any representative for “rape” category where the rape event isn’t dramatic…

        Anyway sorry for my rusted English…


        • Nobody says:

          Dance in the Vampire Bund contains nothing close to sexual or pseudo-sexual content, and certainly nothing “unjustifiably glorified” so it should be fine.

          Hell, even Kodomo no Jikan could escape, depending on how the committee interprets things. I’ve not read the manga itself, but at least in the anime no actual sexual acts occurred. And it’s certainly not glorified – the relationship between Rin and Reiji for example is clearly portrayed as totally messed up.

          • Tanith says:

            i think the governor has some goo stuck to his brain cause anime is isn’t about sex and rape?? only.. How aboout Studio Ghibi? How can you say No to Totoro??? Or even the Youkais!!

      • Lol says:

        “and he is stating clearly that he is only after certain sex manga.”

        And yet in other interviews, he clearly states what exactly he considers to be harmful to children (which the law aims at).

        Homosexual comics, for example. He’s pissed that there’s manga with happy homosexuals around. For example, a manga like Aoi Hana would be right in his target frame.

        Porn isn’t it, the law isn’t aimed at porn. So…yes, those clearly can be affected. Which is why so many publishers react so furiously to it: Using the law as is, you can kick a lot out of the mainstream. You can even make an argument that criticism of the government would be kickable.

        • Veselina says:

          Yep, he wants to see unhappy gays around.:( Along with unhappy yaoifangirls. What’s wrong anyone to be happy, no matter of his/her gender, skin and sexual preferences? This person is a total fascist.

          • Veselina says:

            What is really harmful for children is to be taught that being gay is shameful. So when they grow up they’ll be rather homophobes (the hetero ones) or complexed and unhappy (the gay ones). Being gay is natural, not a disease.

        • Veselina says:

          I looked at Aoi Hana, lolz, I thought it is yaoi. It is yuri and the story sounds interesting and warming. Honeslty, I have ever thought gays and lesbians make much stronger connections than us. I’m sure they’re more happy in their loves than us.

        • Veselina says:

          P.S. Sorry, but I don’t understand because the law states that manga shouldn’t contains things that are illegal in Japan. GLTB people are legal there. So he doesn’t have any legal right to target yaoi/yuri. He should (gasp) make gays and lesbians illegal first (I’m sure he wants).:/

          So he may be a huge homophobe and anti-human as a whole but he needs strong legal base for this law. That is why he can’t hit directly BL/GL. He may use indirect way but not direct.

          • Shikome Kido Mi says:

            I don’t know about that. He’s already specified that sex acts between people who can’t get legally married also count. Right now he’s focused on incest but it probably wouldn’t take much to extend it to homosexuals (who can’t get legally married in Japan).

  6. Liam Zwitser says:

    Nah, with the limited audience part he means that only people looking for that kind of stuff (wether minors or adults) will find it at the bookstore while on TV, everyone can stumble across it and would thus know about it.

    It is clear now that this guy is seriously only after child rape and such, which raises my hope (even further) of this law change not affecting any “normal” series.

    Also, this talk of his has changed my opinion of him quite a lot.

    Following quote:

    “Governor Ishihara:
    Well if you did, the public would understand this better. That regulating something like this only natural.
    [I’m] not saying people can’t draw this stuff.
    I only approved [of this legislation] because it was about not exposing this stuff to children.
    It’s clear there are perverts in this world. Sad people with warped DNA.
    If these kind of people with these kinds of tastes, if they want to read and draw this kind of stuff and get excited over it, that’s fine by me, really.
    Although, I don’t Western societies would tolerate such things very much.
    Japan has become too uninhibited.
    But you know, this stuff is abnormal, isn’t it?
    Next question.”

    You know, there are a lot of people saying people who read manga about schoolchildren being raped brutally are sick. most of them want to ban it. The fact that he is explicitly stating he does not for me indicates he is a good politician. It’s obvious that it needs regulation, so if he thinks (for whatever reason, he probably didn’t go and buy any of these books) that it isn’t regulated then the correct course of action is to make legislation. That he might not be very willing to discuss it and all that might be true, but basically he does have a reasonal point of view (neglecting his homo ideas.)

    Somebody needs to talk to him.

    • Amigo says:

      While yeah, I do agree with the bill. I wouldn’t call Ishihara a good politician, its clearly obvious that he used basic wordplay/rethoric to turn the tables on the interviewer and make them seem like their the bad guy.

      • Amigo says:

        On second thought, I take it about back supporting the bill.

        • tama says:

          Yeah there’s nothing on this bill that one who enjoys anime and manga could agree with. While I also think it is a good thing to have children protected from things that would be harmful for their health. Hardcore erotic manga and anime are not for them. And so they are 18+ restricted. They’re all already regulated. Those politicans don’t have make such a fuss over it now.
          Just a bit of fan service in your daily anime is not going to have them become rapists you know. In that respect, I think real photographs and movies are much more dangerous when compared to manga and anime.
          You can’t go and call people who enjoys yaoi, yuri and incest themed stories as sad people with warped DNAs, you know? They’re all part of Free Speech.

    • Nobody says:

      It really does sound like the spirit of the law (not necessarily the wording) is intended to target lolicon.

      I mean, the things it restricts is almost a laundry list of lolicon plotlines:
      sex between brother/sister
      sex between daughter/father
      sex between girl / unrelated adult (ie. teacher)
      sex between girl / animal (I’m making the assumption bestiality is illegal)

      Pretty much the only plotline left is sex between classmates. They tried to cover that with the original law, but seems they couldn’t figure out a way to get it in the revision.

      Now, the hope is that this actually gets clarified properly. Worse case scenario would be that the publishers freak out and stop publishing even things even remotely related (ie. non-explicit schoolmate romance). Or the committee misinterprets the intent as well. I’m doubting either likely, since the publishers seem to be intent to ignore the law, and the committee has up until now done a fairly good job of not classifying non-harmful books as harmful.

      • mika-chan says:

        But hentai is already restricted and there aren’t non-hentai comics like this, as Dan said. This kind of stuff happen only in hentai aka is already in the right 18+ section.
        So sorry but i continue to do not understand this crap and what they want to do if they want target something that is already regulated.
        I continue to think that thit bill should be removed completely or in exchange they can provide a new classification of comics for young readers introducing the 14+ restriction for all fanservice normal mangas (yaoi, yuri, etc…).

        • Nobody says:

          To me, it simply seems that at least some portion of the proponents of this law are deluded, and honestly believe that hentai could be bought by children. Perhaps pro-censorship groups got this into their heads, or they’re just totally out of touch.

          If that’s the case, then the law is redundant, and will serve no purpose. It would be akin to creating a law stating that murdering one’s brother is illegal. Pointless, since murder of anyone is already illegal.

          The problem of course, is that they’ve gone and defined it so vague that it could mean anything. Using words like “sexually explicit depictions of sexual and pseudo sexual …” instead of “… unjustifiably glorified or exaggerated” would’ve probably made it more clear, but even then it’s not fully defined.

        • Veselina says:

          14+ is good, for me the contemporary kids are enought mature at this age. In my time it was 18 but now it is different. I’m sure there are many yaoi/yuri fangirsl/fanboys among the 14 yo Japanese.

        • tama says:

          I agree with you. There’s really no need for this kind of law. They can introduce a new classification system, as you’re saying, if it’s really necassary. More like it would be much more reasonable, when you have to classify things as something either for all-ages or for 18+.
          As for those plotlines, I can’t really remember any all-ages anime or manga which had a similar plotline and involved exaggerated sexual act. Hanamaru Youchien, 5no2, Kodomo no Jikan, etc. weren’t like that.
          Also it seems, according to Ishihara, everyone who is between 0-17 is loli.

    • tama says:

      Don’t get taken in by his sweet talk. He obviously tries to make his argument looks legitimate. The last time he tried to ban loli manga but it got rejected. By now he should be very well informed about how 18+ loli manga is restricted. It seems he doesn’t even know about Weekly Asahi even when he is the governor of Tokyo. IMO he is one of worst politicans out there. He talks about something that has nothing to do with the bill. He can go and check that none of the titles he accuses of being apprecıated by people withwarped DNAs have any bit of the crap he waffles. Put some true in your lie to make it seem like real, that’s what he’s trying to do right now.
      Also it is not really convincing to have someone put regulations on things like rape when he was writing noves about women being raped in the past.

    • Shikome Kido Mi says:

      Well, provided he’s being honest and not just fear-mongering so he can paint anyone who opposes him as a deviant, then he is merely deluded. But it’s entirely possible he keeps bringing up scenarios that can’t happen because he knows he’d get a lot less support if he only brought up the stuff that this law actually covers.
      Politicians DO lie, you know.

  7. Charles says:

    It’s really pitiful to see how someone in a high position falls with his own statements, is there any scientific proof that supports what he’s saying? he’s like a small kid that when he see that he’s losing the game starts to act selfishly saying that the game isn’t valid or something like that, in the interview he clearly couldn’t answer what he was being asked so he acted like he’s right because he says so and we’re wrong because he says so.
    I really hope that this statement causes and uproar worldwide because he stopped “defending” the real motive of his “law” and started to talk about something that has no relationship at all.

  8. grey says:
    I wonder what the people of Tokyo think of this? Do they have any say in it? What about the gays? I know there are a lot of gay men in Tokyo.

    • Veselina says:

      I wanna punch him face, too.

      This person cause so much panic in the yaoi universe. Still I don’t have exact answer in what way yaoi will be affected. Of course, I support yuri too, no matter I’m not a fan.

  9. adamatari says:

    What frustrates me is the extent to which this bill is misconstrued in the media worldwide. Everyone is talking about it restricting loli manga, but loli manga is already 18+ and won’t be affected. What has the potential to be affected are manga and anime like Koi Kaze, Berzerk, Narutaru, even things like Aoi Hana and Hourou Musuko (certainly Ishihara considers homosexuality to be “unhealthy”). I have a manga called Densen Complex, which I consider to be very good, and it would very likely be a target of this bill. The bill is questionable because it is vauge and possibly conflicts with Article 21. For all that, nearly every headline that pops up in Google suggests the bill is about keeping porn from kiddies, usually alluding to loli porn within the first part of the article… You can’t win when the other side controls the conversation.

    If they really wanted to do something about “perverts”, they would crack down hard on subway groping, rape, and other crimes. I’ve heard conflicting things about Japan, obviously they have very low -reported- crime rates, but I’ve also heard that the police basically don’t care about sex crimes. Subway groping is still quite common from what I hear.

    • Nobody says:

      This is actually another thing that makes me think the proponents were seriously trying to prevent lolicon manga from being bought by children, despite them not being able to do so already. Someone had to tell the English media what the law was about. Said media clearly didn’t read the law, since their descriptions of it are grossly incorrect. So that someone either believes what they say is what the law is (despite the wording being vague), or is blatantly lying about the bill. And if they’re blatantly lying, what do they gain?

      As for a couple of your specific examples:

      Berserk – while sexually explicit, is it glorified? It clearly portrays such things as horrible, hell on Earth events
      Narutaru – again, that rape scene certainly didn’t seem glorified to me.

      I really hope the government comes out and clarifies what the hell they were trying to accomplish. As it is, there’s a strong probability the publishers will over restrict.

    • James in Nara says:

      Just a quick comment about the report rates, etc… I subscribe to the Osaka prefectural police email alert newsletter, and out of the 10-15 emails I get a day from it, 3-4 are weirdos propositioning schoolgirls, ~3 are of men exposing themselves to schoolgirls, and the remainder are purse-snatchings. So basically 50-60% of the daily alerts are sexually related events with minors.

  10. Ellis says:

    The reason is that the law is no clear, they basically can ban every manga or anime they want without any real reason or that is what i understand from it.
    Thx god that i have a lot of friends in Japan and so I am getting well informed about the situation… if everything still like this the law is no going to have a long life, or more probably it just not going to be effective a leader or however you want to call it can’t go against their people and the only ones that are probably agree with this are the same of the old people….
    Well nice blog Mr. Dan this is the first place i can find real information about it =D

    Sorry if there is something wrong i haven’t right a lot of English thees days =S

    • Ellis says:

      It is write no right….. hahahaaha

    • Liam Zwitser says:

      The “right” follows from the “write” not? =D

      Well the point most people seem to forget is that they already could do that under the old law and did not, so if the new law is only about sex and Ishihara is only talking about lolicon then we can expect that not too happen.

      Also, not ban, only restrict sales to adults-only.

    • Veselina says:

      So I’ll keep reading your comments as long as the info comes from the same Japan.:) My poor yaoi fangirl heart was almost broken these days.

      Did you read that he thinks old women should die after they cannot give a birth anymore? There is a link in Dan’t blog. Imo Tokyo really lost the fight for 2016 Olympics because of him and his multi-hatred towards foreigners, women and gays.

  11. AntiActivist says:

    I wonder what would happen if people start digging around into Ishihara’s past? Especially since he wrote so many books concerning about raping women and schoolgirls. What kind of secrets does he actually hide?

    • Veselina says:

      Maybe the possible impotence he has made him hating the sex?

      • AntiActivist says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a history of violence against women, especially his wife. Ishihara had to have some form of reference, since rape themed materials were not as widely available during the time he wrote his many novels about violence and rape.

        • Veselina says:

          I wonder if his wife is still alive (I hope so) would he tell her she “commits a sin” because she lives after “she lost her reproductive functions”.

          BTW the actor and comedian Hiroiki Ariyoshi said “The only reason Ishihara is blaming manga all the time now is because he is angry that he can’t it up any more – give it up already.”

  12. Nando says:

    So does anyone actually still think there’s going to be any backlash, or has everyone in his way rolled over by now?

  13. Nanta555 says:

    I’ve wonder, wouldn’t he get punishment for defamation? both about the transgender and this time’s DNA warps. In Korea, the punishment is harsh if you defame someone ><.

    • mika-chan says:

      We are all mutants because we like anime and manga, yuri and yaoi, i’m ika musume and now i’ll go out raping everyone with my tentacles. By afraid human being, i’m to conquer the world. :)


  14. SonicShadow says:

    Nobody’s i see Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto Yu-Gi-Oh and Human out, Anime/Manga out bye btw, funny bad… very..

  15. T_I says:

    You don’t understand

    The problem with this bill is it forces all manga to be either rated for everyone or rated R18

    There is not PG, PG13 or anything else in between.

    Weekly shounen manga probably won’t see much change, but this bill will undoubtedly put severe pressure on the seinen manga market.

    They will have to reclassified as R18 or tone down. So what’s bad about being reclassified as R18 you say? Well for starters they won’t be able to sold at your normal retailers where college students and business men can easily pick them up.

    Just what exactly is seinen manga?

    Well here’s a list

    So yes, the next time someone wants to buy any of those he must go into an adult XXX store

    The seien manga market will COLLAPSE

    • Roloko says:

      lol Chi’s Sweet Home has sexually explicit material since when?? Unless Chi gets naughty with her kitty friends. xD

      Seriously I doubt things like Chi’s Sweet Home, Voices of A Distant Star, Myself;Yourself, XXXHolic, or Bincho-tan would be affected since I watched them and they had no explicit material at least not to my knowledge. Although some of those on the list might be affected if they don’t already have 18+ labels on them to begin with.

      As long as this bill doesn’t affect anime/manga like Reborn, 07 Ghost, +C Sword and Cornett, Kuroshitsuji, and Kimi ni Todoke or completely destroy the Gundam, Macross, and Code Geass franchise then I’ll be ok personally, but I’m deeply worried for my precious Ayashi no Ceres and Ef series series though since those did have sexual acts. -___-

      • Nando says:

        I wouldn’t hold out much hope for Code Geass, considering the ‘hero’ is a terrorist and they sexualize basically every character (on-screen masturbation, bondage scenes that sometimes include chains and ball gags, the strongly implied homosexual relationship between Schneizel and Kanon, Charles having 108 wives, and so on)

    • SU says:

      You shouldn’t refer to that list. I see several manga in there that can be published under different categories depending where you live and /or on the publisher. Example: Fate Stay Night is on the Seinen list you just posted. But in France the publisher (Pika Editions) releases it under their Shonen label and not under their Seinen label. I see a few more like Ai Yori Aoshi. The them would suggest by the list but once agian sold as Shonen in France.

  16. Josh Taylor says:

    Call me a sicko with warped DNA? That’s it. Ishihara is Pro-Tojo, in fact, he’s the new Tojo. The attack on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Pearl Harbor is about to repeat itself.

    B0ycott anime, manga and everything that is Japan.

    • drmchsr0 says:

      …And why then would one do that?

      If the majority of people in the Diet shares Ishihara’s views, then it would be our responsibility to teach the Japanese how to be activists.

      Also, what good would it do to boycott THE VERY FORCES OPPOSING ISHIHARA?

      • Josh Taylor says:

        I’m hate to be a “doom and gloom” prophet.

        If Ishihara becomes Prime Minister, I wouldn’t think about visiting Japan anymore because:

        1. He will take the Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill national.

        2. Ishihara will detain foreigners (including Americans) and the Japanese people (even otakus) who tries to defy his authority into detention camps.

        3. Ishihara will cause the Japanese military to start another Pearl Harbor and try to reconquer Hawaii and the Pacific US territories (including Guam and American Samoa), French Polynesia, The Federated States of Micronesia, South Korea, and even the Pacific US states. Simply, he’ll violate the San Fransisco Peace Treaty.

        History that inspire the movie Barefoot Gen to be made will repeat itself.

        • Surrealism says:

          Why the hell are we bring conspiracy theories up over a case that reacts on fictional characters? Even if Ishihara wants to start shit, he can’t. The Japanese military is only reserved for main-land defense. Many of the military facilities in Japan are US-controlled.

          Ishihara may be a gigantic douchebag who’s said a lot of shit but over thinking a case involving “free speech of anime/manga” turning into “the end of Japan” is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Tojo was only able to do what he could because no “chain” existed on his power. After WW2, even the most conservatives wouldn’t plan on doing something that stupid. Especially since they have North Korea to worry about at this point.

        • Veselina says:

          You forgot to add that GLTB people will become illegal too. Also the old women that can give birht anymore will be forced to do seppuku (see his opinion about them, there are links here to Lee Walker’s site).

      • Nando says:

        >If the majority of people in the Diet shares Ishihara’s views,

        That’s the grim reality that hit me today.

        He didn’t do this alone. He has allies, obviously a majority of them if this thing passed. He doesn’t have to do the actual censoring himself.

  17. GTebbetts says:

    It would be interesting to see if Ishihara had some sort of stance on manga in the 1960s and 70s. For example, we see a lot of left-leaning and liberal thought in Tatsumi’s works, especially The Push Man. I wonder if he would have seen these as the work of a person whose DNA was “twisted”?

  18. Nanta555 says:

    Governor Ishihara’s points are words without base. He doesn’t have any evidence which actually proves his possiblity. I also don’t have any evidence, but there is a possiblity that Governor Ishihara is trying to make people accept the possiblity he mentioned by Abusing his Politician power.

  19. Veselina says:

    Mature mangas do not anything in common with the craziness of the contemporary world. They don’t support the crimes. Ishihara’s hatred support crimes thought, against foreigners, women and gays.

    I hope after the meaning of the bill is completely clear there will be an updated article here describing the possible effects on every genre. I do care about my fav yaoi but I support all genres. We the otaku should stay united!

  20. Furuba-tan says:

    for the very unlikely case that ishihara searches a better and easier way to rate these things, here’s a suggestion:

  21. Matteas says:

    It’s my first time here so first of all I’d like to thank you for your thorough coverage of the Bill 156 case. I’ve read through the past posts and found interesting information regarding this case I haven’t known up to now.

    As regards my opinion on the new law, I am strongly against it as I enjoy the material that might be targeted by it. That is anime and manga including fanservice and wincest. Still, I think my DNA is pretty much okay. I’m not growing tentacles, I study at a good high school, I harbor respect for the other sex, I wouldn’t touch a child and wouldn’t anyone do it in front of me. I admit that what I like is not exactly common, thus it might be called an unusual taste. Nevertheless, I believe that it doesn’t make me any inferior for example to this “immaculate” person who acts as if he floated like an impeccant self-proclaimed savior over the berserk and sinful hoi polloi.

    The reporter’s audacity was impressive. She managed to flare him up quite a lot and make him talk absolute bullshit at the end. As you said, if he deems what he says true, he must live in his own abnormal world different to ours ^^

  22. Megs says:

    I’m just curious about whether or not Mr. Ishihara is even aware that by saying people who “enjoy” reading and writing these things are perverts with warped DNA, then he is referring to himself as well (he being someone who wrote “such things” before). I’m actually glad he’s finally admitted the fact that he himself is warped (and possibly a pervert?).

    I’m a huge fan of crime shows (CSI, CSI:NY, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, etc) and yet, I think Mr. Ishihara has me beat somehow or another. He needs to turn off the TV and start looking outside of his window. I don’t think the crime rates has really gone up (or down, but what do I know) much the last few years so if it’s not these types of shows deluding him, something definitely is (and I don’t think an increase in erotica anime, manga, etc really counts as a way to consider crime rates).

  23. Noeru Chan says:

    what the hell he’s a GOD or a freak!!!!

  24. Anon says:

    I really can’t see this bill not being abolished before the date of effect.
    This kind of crime against free speech wouldn’t be tolerated in my crappy 3rd world country, I don’t see how it could be in Japan, and under the speech of this facist with mental issues.

    • Surrealism says:

      That and the entire uproar its caused all over the internet. It’s only been nearly a week and nearly every anime board/community I browse through either follows misinformation of the case or is just severely overreacting more than they need to.

    • Veselina says:

      Hope you’re right!

  25. Veselina says:

    I really sorry I flood the blog so much! I’m just extremly angry! I guessed one more thing – what about CD Drama industry? I don’t know how it is in the other genres but in BL almost every title has a CD Drama too. That means a lot of people behind it and many seiyuus. I suppose it is the same with the other genres. Besides we don’t have to forget the manga novels, most of them are equally explicit. So basically that person wanna hit:

    CD Drama
    Musicals based on mangas (In Kuroshitsuji musical we could see Grell dancing in a red dress. Note: Grell is a male character so Ishihara wouldn’t like some “defect” transexual in it.)

    Phew! That person is more nasty than any plague!

  26. Gintamo says:

    So….there’s nothing we can do anymore

    and what is going to happen to animes likes Queen blade and Panty & Stockin?

    • dankanemitsu says:

      There are plenty of things you can do. While Bill 156 certainly is not anime and manga friendly, there have been worse regulations and massive suppression in the past.

      I don’t know exactly what will happen with those two projects, but we in the anime and manga industry will continue working, come hell or high water. It may become more difficult, but bigger obsticles in the past didn’t stop us before.

      What would be a huge blow is people stopped buying. If there’s no money, there’s no reason to make stuff.

  27. Jerry Duangas says:

    I don’t wat react Ishihara if he heard this video damn that!!!
    Ishihara VS the OTAKU whole world !!!!

    • dankanemitsu says:

      I appreciate the passion, but you don’t have to scream. My God, I thought my speakers were going to blow-up.

      • Gatuca says:

        Out of Curiosity, how is fan-art going to be affected, at least the one produced in japan, yeah im talking about Pixiv.

        to my knowladge, there;s a good bunch of adult artwork, wich i coundt care less, but i do admit it has better fanart that something like DA, how is going to be affected. since that things is not neccesseraly, well, marketed?

        • dankanemitsu says:

          Bill 156’s position on Internet distribution of content is unclear. If the web site encourages material submitted to be self-regulated regarding appropriateness of audiences, then most likely it will be safe. But if a web site were to disseminate adult material without warning, then that could be impacted, but as I said, Bill 156’s position on Internet distribution is very difficult to discern. I need to do more research about that. Thanks for bring it up.

        • dankanemitsu says:

          I forgot to point out that whether the material in question is fan or original material has no bearing in Bill 156.

  28. Dan says:

    If any of you ignorant people actually spent time in japan and actually saw the sick portrails they do with children in Anime and Manga, plus the 2.6 million dollar a year profit they make off of supporting child porn around the world. Perhaps then you’d change you way of thinking.

    This law was long overdue. Japan should be tried in international court for crimes against children.

    • dankanemitsu says:

      I respect your opinion and I encourage any who decry particular works and/or trends in popular culture to voice their opinions. Freedom of expression does not mean freedom from criticism.

      At the same time, I respectfully disagree that censorship and/or regulation would solve problems. By any objective measures, Japan is one of the safest nations in the industrialized world. Women and minors in Japan enjoy some of the greatest freedoms available in the entire world in engaging in artistic expression. I also believe thought policing will not improve the welfare of children.

      With regarding the prevalence of child abuse material involving real children, both the Italian watchdog organization Telefono Arcobaleno and England’s IWF reports Japan exports little of such material in relative to other nations.

      I openly admit that Japan has much in the way of improving the welfare of children and reducing discriminatory aspects in society against women, but I also believe legislating morality and attempting to purge anti-social attitudes from creative fiction inflicts far too much injury against democracy and liberty while only granting the illusion of improved social engineering and providing very little concrete social merits.

      I am curious as to how you arrived at the figure of 2.6 million dollars. Would you care to provide a source for that figure?

  29. The Envoy says:

    Warped DNA? The guv’ sounds like he wants to mold the perfect race out of the Japanese (Hitler, anyone?).

  30. samuel welsh says:

    the japanese shpuld hate this vile crap.
    faithfull marriages are a better way.

  31. Jeffrey Rolek says:

    I read on Wikipedia that Gov. Ishihara says that the earthquake/tsunami is a so-called “devine punishment to wash out the greed”.
    As an Otaku and a fan of Japan, found it to be extremly offensive and unforgivable (eventhough Ishihara apologized later).
    How can the person who created Bill 156 totally disrespect his own people?
    He’s the one with “Warped DNA”, not hentai readers.
    It really opened my eyes on what kind of person Gov. Ishihara really is.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    I’d like to know.

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