8th Panzer Regiment News – April, 2018

Comic 1 * 13 took place on April 30th and I was able to publish two books.


Seaside Safari Witches is a revised reprint of a book published in 2013. It is essentially a swimsuit special featuring characters from The Lionheart Witch series.

With over 40 pages, the book featured manga and illustrations where 4 pages are in full color. Over half the book is new content! Seaside Safari Witches showcases the talent of Hetzer Furukawa, oh_you_udon, Dan Kanemitsu, Acea4, Tokinii, Nenchi, R-Ex, Hiroshi Konishi, Erica, Kiyoshi Shimizu, Takemitsu Hasegawa, ge-b, Junichi Inoue, Shin Kyogoku, Bunshichirou Ouma, Yasuhiro Makino, Mozu, Terepin Uona, Taku Koide, Jyuzou Minazuki, Ruen Rouga, Takenoko Seijin, Yoshitoh Asari, Kouhei Takanaga, and Ohirune Card.

You can buy the revised edition of Seaside Safari Witches at Toranoana.

The book was a Comic 1 * 13 exclusive title.

01-cvr copy20

The Lionheart Witch Series Swimwear Guidebook is a 8 page pamphlet that speculates the history and culture revolving around swimwear in the world of The Lionheart Witch series.

The cover is by Jyuzou Minazuki, the rear cover is by Ashigaoreta, and the text is by Dan Kanemitsu and manga by Ogawa Kamiya with an additional illustration by Yasuhiro Makino.


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