Comcast Impass

Hello folks.
I hate to mention this on my blog, but I cannot send any replies to anyone using Comcast for their email account. If you are using Comcast’s email service, any email I send will bouce, and it doesn’t matter if I use other email clients or accounts.
It apprears that Comcast does not like IP addresses from Japan, or perhaps anyplace outside of the United States, for that matter.

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2 Responses to Comcast Impass

  1. Hi there, could you send the bounce back email you receive so I can determine what the issue may be?

    Comcast Cassie

    • dankanemitsu says:

      In nearly all times I have replied to email from Comcast email servers, the email has bounced. It does not matter which client I am using, what country I am in, what email server I am using–The only commonality is that the email server has Japanese IP addresses, since I am sending email employing Japanese email servers. I have used multiple Japanese email servers, i.e. So-net,, my own private email server, and yet it does not make any difference. They all have different Japanese IP addresses, and yet they do not get through. This has been so prevelant for so many years that I have urged any clients and partners to switch to alternative email servers, and once the they are using non-Comcast email servers, the problem disappears. This has gone on for over 5 years, and therefore I have stopped trying to resolve it.

While I may not be able to respond to all comments, I always welcome feedback. Thank you.

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