Tokyo Begins Moralizing of Manga

Many of you have asked information regarding Tokyo’s recent decision to brand Imōto Paradise! 2 as harmful minors under the new guidelines that were created when Bill 156 was passed in December of 2010.

I’ve provided my feedback on this issue at the CBLDF website:
Tokyo Government Declares Imōto Paradise! 2 Manga Unhealthy

I highly recommend supporting the CBLDF as they follow this issues continually.

I am currently very busy with numerous projects as of now, some of which I hope you’ll be able to enjoy overseas sometime soon.

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9 Responses to Tokyo Begins Moralizing of Manga

  1. miki says:
    Dan, can you give us more infor about this matter? Seems ok but i hope isn’t a bill with hidden content to screw and restrict more manga and anime.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seems like a lot of Western media is using the current debate in Japan to push their agenda to ban anime, manga and CG depictions. Quite deplorable.

    I’m an optimist though, so I just avoid those pieces, knowing things will be alright in the end. It’s not that different from the things that old artists or even videogames, more recently, have gone through. Nabokov, Balthus, Carroll, etc, all survived their times. They might as well try banning Game of Thrones in the West first, since R. R. Martin included semi-coerced early teen sex in his novels. Time passes and the histerical masses remain the same. However, time has left behind the pitchforks in most of the developed world. Witchhunts remain, but they feel increasingly powerless. Of course, we must still fight, but I believe higher-ups are a bit more rational nowadays and can distinguish human creativity from reality.

    • mrsean says:

      Which western media? All I know of is cnn spouting bull**** about how even the hentai moe stuff available only to adults still needs to be banned.
      Know cnn can go **** themselves hard.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hate to give them more clicks, but since you asked…

        I don’t recommend opening the link if whoever is reading this has a tendency to get angry at “”journalists”” making up facts and/or distorting them, plus getting their history lessons wrong. There’s so much stuff wrong I’m not even going to bother listing them. If you’re in this blog, you probably already know all of them. The most glaring of them is when he calls Japan strangely prude for pixelating genitalia, when that was a result of American influence in the first place.

        As to the main author of the piece, he considers himself a progressive-minded liberal. Opposes Abe’s government all the time, and says he’s for freedom of speech on twitter. The irony seems to be completely lost to him, since it’s the DPJ (the opposition) who constantly opposes Abe’s administration and who made the most effort to save the freedom of speech mangaka currently enjoy in Japan. I guess that with 2500 years of sexually repressive religions composing most of the Western cultural background the toll is taken on the capacity for logical reasoning on some.

      • Anonymous says:

        There’s probably a bunch of other pieces too if you search for it, the issue was on the spotlight in Japan and it translates in easy clicks, traffic and revenue for websites. However, I don’t search for them, so I only know of these two.

        • mrsean says:

          Thank you. I won’t open that link since I have enough anger fueling bs going on to last me until next year.

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