2013 Draws to a Close

Well the year is almost over, and I certainly won’t miss it. 2013 was a tough year. I only hope 2014 will be a little easier on the nerves.

To say I have been busy would be a slight understatement. As you have noticed, I have not had a chance to update my blog in a couple of months. In those couple of month, a lot has transpired. I worked on multiple projects, some I can mention and some I can’t. I went to New York Comic Con to help CBLDF’s efforts to educate and encourage dialogue regarding censorship of manga and anime. I also helped CBLDF’s appearence at Comitia 106 in October. I will be heading out to Comiket 85 now. This year’s winter Comiket will run right up to Dec. 31st, so I may not have a chance to write an entry into this blog again this year. Happy holidays and happy new years.

Some interesting stuff:
I wrote and translated all the artist profiles included in khara’s latest 2014-2015 calendar.
I see people are already talking about it in the English language forums. I am not sure how orders can be placed from overseas, but the calendar will be available from many Japanese retail outlets, so I would assume one of them might be willing to ship them overseas. I looked around a little and noticed that Amazon Japan has them for sale.

Takeshi Nogami will be publishing two Kankore books at Comiket 85. I translated one of the books, a faux fleet girls military photo chronicle into English. I tried my best to replicate the faux military historical narrative touch of the text written by Mr. Jofuu Kuroda. They match Nogami’s artwork wonderfully. I hope my English text will do so as well.
Check out Takeshi Nogami’s Twitter account for more information.

I’ve also done a bunch of other work, but let me just skip ahead to my trip to New York. The last time I was in New York was over 25 years ago, and this was my first New York Comic Con. I had wonderful discussions with many people and appreciated the enthusiasm people had for this unique medium. I would like to expend my sincere gratitude to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Here’s some more information about that trip.

Well the Japanese Diet was back in session for a couple of months, and Prime Minister Abe had his hands full. The consumption tax will be raised next year. A huge economic relief package is also being prepared. The negotiations over the Trans Pacific Partnership is in full swing. A Special State Secrets Protection Law has passed the Diet and that brought about storms of protests as being authoritarian and being overly broad. Strange. That reminds me of a few other laws of Japan. The issue of collective security has been brought about into the forefront, as China and Japan’s confrontation near Okinawa has raised the stakes.

With the initial economic boost from the new fiscal policies adopted by the Abe Administration losing steam, there has been much discussion about how to prop up the Japanese economy that’s still very weak after the Great Recession. And then there is the utter mess of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant cleanup efforts and major lags in the reconstruction of Northeast Japan after the great earthquakes and tsunami.

In other words, revision to the Japanese Child Pornography Law did not have a chance to come up with so many things on the legislative agenda, but you can fully expect it to return next year. The new session of the Japanese Diet will start on Jan. 28th and last until June 26th. There is a very good chance something big will happen soon.

That’s all for now.

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14 Responses to 2013 Draws to a Close

  1. Dark says:

    First, on behalf of me and myself, I wish you, your family, your relative & your friends a happy 2014 new year full of happiness, prospect, healthy & liveliness. Or as in Chinese: 新年快乐, 恭喜发财, 金玉滿堂, 大展鴻圖, 萬事如意, 吉慶有餘

    Please do take note that I’m NOT Chinese. And after all the fuss China’s PRC cause in Southeast Asia & Eastern Asia over some stupid rocks out on the ocean, I hold NO credit over Chinese people. I’m very sorry if anyone here feel offense, but if you come from mainland China, please step 10 meters away from me. Thank you very much.

    Second, about the dumb s*****t pile of crap we’re facing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but according to Mr. Taro Yamada, the stupid bill in question still has a low priority on the DIET’s agenda, so chance it might come back still around 50/50. And according to other sources, it seems that LDP are trying to regain supports from opposition forces (after the secret protection bill) by removing the stupid part regarding anime/manga, but still stubbornly keep the more moronic one about “simple possession”

    Continuing and I might fall into talkative mode again, so I will make it short: I hope people in DIET will have no times to consider about it for maybe couple of years, and/or some establishment of forces like CBLDF in the US to counter all the blah blah blah some old farts try to force onto our heads with their paranoid ideas

  2. Anonymous says:

    What I don’t understand about Japan is why Japanese people keep voting for the LDP if the perception of corruption in politicians is widespread and faith in them low. Shouldn’t voters try some other alternatives, or just stop voting altogether? I’m aware at the local level things get a bit more varied, but nation-wide it seems to be just LDP.

  3. Brooke says:

    “Shouldn’t voters try some other alternatives, or just stop voting altogether?”

    They probably do stop voting. However, the people who like the LDP keep on voting. Guess what happens…

  4. Shrike says:

    And regarding that damn bill…
    I read through this blog some,and I found some people who actually in support of said bill!
    More than likely because THEY personally don’t like it!
    I don’t understand…why support the eradication of freedom of expression because you don’t like something? It’s kinda depressing,really.

  5. anon says:

    sad days are coming for anime and manga fans over the world ;_;

  6. mrsean says:

    If I understand Dark correctly is he saying that labeling certain anime/manga/doujins/VNs child porn might be dropped but the part of possessing the real thing will still become illegal?

  7. 774 says:

    Too bad the pro-nuclear, LDP supported Masuzoe won Tokyo 2014. Utsunomiya should have quit the race so Hosokawa could stand a chance, or vice-versa. I hope everything’s fine there.

  8. Dark says:

    Good day gentlemen. Yes, I’m being sexist here if that’s what you accuse me for a simple greeting.

    It’s been a while since I post something here. Sorry for spamming :-)

    Anyway, recent news getting me having headache. I’m just tired of too many totalitarians in Japan come out more and more. I have only one simple question: when will this stop? Or better yet, when will all those old brain-dead fuck-ups rot in hell for all I care?

    On a side-note, I just found a very interesting article about how banning this banning that will soon backlashing us, and those who propose all those craps are actually criminal themselves:

    It’s a very very interesting. Even those comments also help me lighten my head a bit.

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