Quick Update: Kanemitsu will be at New York Comic Con 2013

I am very sorry that this is so last minute, but yes, I am heading out to New York this weekend. I’ll be taking off to the airport in a few hours, actually.

The CBLDF has been generous enough to help with my attendance there, and we do have a presentation planned. Unfortunately, not all the details have been finalized, so please stay tuned to my Twitter feed @dankanemitsu as that will be probably be the easiest way for me to make updates. The CBLDF website might make an announcement as well.

Also, I plan on being at the CBLDF booth for at least one hour each day. The tenative plan is that I’ll be at the booth from 12 – 1 on Friday, 5 – 6 on Saturaday, and 12 – 1 on Sunday.

I’ll see you there!

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9 Responses to Quick Update: Kanemitsu will be at New York Comic Con 2013

  1. Gah, is there/will there be a post-con post? I wish I could attend.

  2. Hourin says:

    Wonder is there any English made doujinshi….come to think of it how of English fan made manga exists at this expo or in the US’s anime convention in general.
    Perhaps you could do an article on general situation of western fan made doujinshi, I notice its near non-existent well apart from artbooks.
    Being trying to find them and buy it.
    Plus what do you do at CBLDF booth?
    Wish I could visit.

  3. Dark says:

    How is the ComiCon, Mr. Dan? Glad to see you’re still well. May I ask how the current situation is? Thank you in advance for your reply (though I doubt there would be a reply soon (^O^))

  4. Dark says:

    I’m sorry for shouting here but WOULD SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING, ANYTHING HERE?

    The extraordinary session already start. On the surface, even on news sites like Yomiuri, all I could find is this session is all about things like improve J economy & such. No words or whatsoever about the bill in question, except for one blog (http://otapol.jp/2013/10/post-25.html) mention the bill will be deliberated, without any source of info.

    Any info, Dan? very sorry to ask when you might just return to Tokyo, but any info, good or bad, or anything at all?

    (-____-) Damn you (no no, not anyone here) This is killing me. Perhaps I should try to reduce 3 coffees a day to 2 or less.

  5. Dark says:

    More than 2 months, no new post. Seem to me you’re extremely busy these days? Or you’re somewhat like me, become too much tired of all those blah blah blah out there? (^O^) Just trying to be funny.

    Anyway, according to the latest post I just read on your Twitter, the stupidly dumbshit bill in question is set to return in the regular Session in Jan.

    The good news is (please correct me if I’m wrong, since I’m not good with Japanese, and translating tools are crap, anyway) there’s almost certain that the most crappy part in that bill regarding anime will be removed, as LDP try to gain favor from opposite parties (After the secret protection law passed, the approved rating of P.M Abe drop ~ 13% in just a few days —>(><))

    The bad news is another stupid, maybe even more dangerous, part about "simple possession" still stubbornly remain, WITHOUT any kind of specific explanation "what might be refer as simple possession", a.k.a just make the bill still largely vague & could be used/predicted/understood in almost anyway they could.

    In short, they don't actually make things easier, they just make a bigger mess out of the already big one. Great

    Maybe I should try European literature. At least nobody try to censor statues or novels because of "please think of the children" or #)(*%&#)&)(#$)(# like that.

  6. A Concerned Otaku says:


    You need to chill out. The whole worldwide Otaku community is just as worried as you are.

    On another note, European literature and art have been censored for ages. Roman mosaics in Pompeii were destroyed by Puritan-minded people in the 19th century, the Marquis de Sade’s works were banned in England, a man took a hammer to Michaelangelo’s David. The list goes on.

    Dan, I know you are busy, but I am concerned, as well. I have some questions:

    How will the Otaku community (especially in Japan) and anime/manga industries survive of one or any of the combination of things happen?

    1.) The 児童ポルノ bill is amended?

    2.) The police exploit the overbroad obscenity law to potentially crush doujin circles and adult publishers?

    3.) The Trans-Pacific Partnership pressures Japan to adopt stricter copyright provisions, thus potentially ending doujin culture as we know it?

    4.) How would the Otaku community and Anime/Manga industries reverse the situation if such draconian things come to pass?

    It takes forever to get laws reversed once they pass, but when they finally are, the damage is done and could be potentially irreparable or so intense that it makes the whole medium anemic. I don’t want to be an old man if anime and manga are crushed like American Comics were in the 1950s, and then recovers to the point it’s at today!

    Thank you, Dan, for everything. I’m hoping that even if such terrible things come to pass, that we will all stick together and overcome.

  7. A Concerned Otaku says:

    One more thing, if anime and manga are censored or create an atmosphere of fear that beings about self-censorship, I fear that people might lose interest in the medium or have a stigma attached to it, just like what happened to American Comics.

    I know one thing, I will stick by anime and manga no matter what happens. A strong community will see the medium through.

  8. A Concerned Otaku says:

    Sorry about the typos, Dan. I meant to say:

    One more thing, if anime and manga are censored or society creates an atmosphere of fear that beings about self-censorship, I fear that people might lose interest in the medium and have a stigma attached to it, just like what happened to American Comics.

  9. @ConcernedOtaku says:

    Hey Concerned Otaku, I suggest checking out the comment section of the last 6 or so entries. I feel like Dan addressed some of what you’re asking about there.

    As for the TPP, it seems the US is the only one pushing hard for draconian laws:

    I got that image from Kim DotCom’s twitter, the former owner of Megaupload. He has been opposing the TPP from New Zealand.

    All the best to us in the coming year. We must keep a strong network of people to stand a chance.

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