Quick update: Bill to Expand Child Pornography to include Anime and Manga still on Table.

I am very sorry but I am very busy and unable to write about the recent developments regarding the Japanese Child Pornography Revision Bill. As I have written before, the bill has been shelves for the current session of the Diet that has just closed.

However, the bill has been placed on “deliberations pending” status, which means it has not been rejected. It simply means members of the Diet are urged to consider the bill while the Diet is adjourned. The bill has yet to be debated in the House of Representatives (the lower house of the Diet) Judiciary Committee, so any more formal proceedings regarding the bill will await the result of the election of the House of Councillors (the upper house of the Diet.)

Judging from the results of the Tokyo Metropolitian Assembly election this last week, where every single Liberal Democratic Party’s candidate won, the LDP has a good chance to win big in the next election.

If the LDP secures a majority in the upper house, it will make it very easy for the LDP to pass the current bill.

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22 Responses to Quick update: Bill to Expand Child Pornography to include Anime and Manga still on Table.

  1. Mike Creig says:

    But in the assembly election, the Japanese Communist Party gained 9 seats, raising their strength from eight to 17–two more than the DPJ–making them the lead party in the opposition camp!
    And they have more than the eleven needed to make bills on thier own!

    Doesn’t that count?

  2. Mike Creig says:

    Otherwise, we’re screwed, right?

    • Josh Taylor says:

      Yes, we are. The bill is about to be taken up after a constitutional revision.

      • dankanemitsu says:

        The bill will probably be taken up within the next session of the Diet. There is no reason for the proponents to wait until completing revision to the constitution. Revising the constitution will be more difficult (it currently requires a 2/3 majority in both houses) than passing the Child Pornography Revivison Bill.

        • toko says:

          I do not understand, can someone explain please?

          • Dark says:

            I doubt it’ll be as difficult as you say by the time of autumn. It’s almost certain that LDP will take control of at least 2/3 in both houses. And with the current result of Abenomics, plus the ongoing brainwashing, I don’t think PM Abe has any more problem to begin reverse back Japan as we know today to Japan Empire pre-WWII by the end of this year.

            It’s almost certain there will be only 2 things stand on his way:
            1. Nuclear power. PM Abe is the only one who want to restart it.
            2. Japan current economy. Unless it regain the power at least like back in 1970s ~ 1980s, I’m not sure if Japan can withstand a foreseen growing demand from military.

            @toko: I think I just answer your question.

  3. twiddol says:

    “Cool Japan” now featuring skimpy junior idols and unaccountable rape by LDP members.

    • Mike Creig says:

      I don’t pretty much like these 48-girl junior idol groups like AKB48 and NMB48
      They’re ANNOYING! They OUGHT to be BOYCOTTED by Otaku everywhere, just to drive the point across to the LDP and New Komeito!

      • Zman says:

        You’re screaming so much about AKB48, that I don’t think you understand what the junior idol problem actually is.
        Look, the junior idol problem isn’t with idol groups like AKB48, Morning Musume, etc. that actually sing and perform. They’re relatively tame and mainstream, “safe” enough to be broadcast on evening national TV.
        The junior idol problem is with the more fringe photobook and video idols, where the role of “idol” is little more than an excuse to sell nearly-naked videos and photos instead of actually performing. They make AKB48 look like a bunch of nuns.
        I know things seem dire, and we may feel the need to fight back, but blindly lashing out at anything “idol” isn’t going to help. It only makes you seem uninformed and clueless, and reinforces the stereotype that otaku are useless and best ignored.

  4. Dark says:

    I’m more interest in the fact that even among LDP, not all members agree to this stupid piece-of-crap. If we somehow can make the opposition force among LDP itself growing, maybe we have a chance to at least rule out the part about anime/manga (Let’s me guess. Both ex-governor Ishihara Shintarou & his fame discipline Hatoyama & their followers are the main & most aggressive supporters for that part, correct? Since Bill 156 so far can not do more than restrict a couple of long-stop titles & scare a few people out of their minds)

    • Azure says:

      And do you think this would do any more? It would surely scare many people, but they would be unable to enforce it properly due to its vague language and the sole fact that you can’t deem a book as child pornography because of a few panels. At most they can edit them, but there would be no point since they have already been sold. Manga and Anime is a world of fantasy where everything is possible, where you can make a girl in her fourteens look like one in her late teens by making her figure more curvaceous or whatever. The section about mere possession is also void. The number of people that might be arrested could be high, but the final results, insignificant.

      The bad part about this whole shit is the chilling effect we discussed other times. However, this thing is also double-edged. One wrong step and the law, if it ever passes, will be dead earlier than you think. That there’s internal conflict among the parties says everything ;)

  5. Baka_Gaijin says:

    I’m from a country that had similiar issue with law couple of years ago. It was stopped with public opposition (I was one among those fighting), but since there is already lot of public opposition and yet I think there is more pressure needed. Otaku, publishers and related companies need to fight this as whole, but I have no idea how to achieve that. Perhaps also internationalization with twitter campaign or something might be good idea. This is important, since otaku-market is also international and infact not many countries have any laws against drawings. Also the law is very vague and definitely would hurt not just erotic works, but also just about any bishoujo anime with young characters. I recall also that ECPAT (which I think is major force behind this?) was calling all “moe” child pornography. Note that I absolutely have nothing against loli, but I think it is important to speak on this issue as whole, since by this time many people in some countries have been blinded with propaganda believing that loli is something evil or even causes child abuse. Addresses are overrated, but they could be good idea just for the heck of it. I’m willing to help with this issue, but I must admit my Japanese isn’t very good. I can speak and be understood, read some easier mangas or doujinshi, but I wouldn’t dare write anything “big” probably required for this. Anyway, feel free to contact me, but I must say I probably can’t do much.

    I also think it is very good to lobby LDP on this issue. Many otaku are aligned to LDP despite some of it’s members being very anti-otaku. This is definitely not what they voted for and it kinda shocked me too. I know, Bill 156, LDP’s dark history of anti-loli laws and all, so should have seen this coming, but this is just extreme.

    I also know there are few LDP politicians who have tried to appeal to otaku. They probably aren’t approving (I have no idea though, I don’t follow Japanese politics that much) this and could be good starting point.

    On a sidenote, I keep hearing disturbing news that friend of Ishihara was appointed to Tokyo Big Sight CEO. I also hear that he is planning to literally destroy Comiket and thus deliver very bad blow to doujinshi-scene. This is very sad since in my country doujinshi-scene has just began to emerge with a person from my country debuting in Comiket last year.

  6. Mike Creig says:

    Could you rephrase that last part, please?

  7. Dark says:

    Now I’m more eager in listening from Mr. Kanemitsu or anyone here (including you, Mike) about the fact that the new appointed CEO of Tokyo Big Sight is one of the main supporters for the idea “anime = child porn” & another die-hard follower of ex-governor Ishihara Shintarou.

    There are a wave of tabloid & scaremongers already fear if that faggot leads Tokyo Big Sight, he will force Comiket to stop “because Comiket is child porn” all over internet. But there are also people believe if that would happen, Comiket administration would have to just change the location (like when the industry oppose TAF by organizing their own anime expo), or it simply wouldn’t happen, since Comiket is one of the biggest milk cows in Tokyo, and Mr. Yutaka Takehana, in the end, is just another politician = he needs money before he need bla blha blah blah about the idea I mention above.

    @Mike: If you’re talking about the phrase when I mention those would support for the bill we’re talking about, then yes, I know. I was talking about Ishihara Shintarou & his fame student: Osaka governor Hashimoto. Sorry about that.

    • Azure says:

      Those tabloid & scaremongers better not come from Sankaku Complex or the Anime Network forums, they better not. Though I’m pretty sure those aren’t the only websites filled with alarmists.

      Politicians are all the same. Out of public sight they wished certain things they don’t like changed, but in the end they won’t because money comes first and the rest is just secondary.

  8. Josh Taylor says:

    @Dark, Dan never said that the new CEO of Tokyo Big Insight insisting that all anime is child porn. If that is so everyone will be forced to watch a Japanese dub of SpongeBob SquarePants. Furthermore it would take Japan right back to the Imperial Era.

    And I don’t see any source about Far right Ishihara suggesting that “anime = child porn”

    The Revision of the current child porn law targets possession of images and videos, including DVD cover artwork, video clips of anime depicting underage children wearing swimsuits or in bath scenes. And the magical girl sub-genre falls under the revision including Minky Momo.

  9. Dark says:

    @Josh: So far the only words from the new CEO of Tokyo Big Sight is just a couple of suggestions vaguely call for better & stricter regulation of mobile games & TV *at a whole* date back to around 2008 when UNICEF Japan point their big fat fingers at anime/manga industry. No other sources actually say he want to stop comiket at all cost, except for, yes, a bunch of scaremongers & tabloids. Even on sites like Sankaku, I can’t even find a single bit of news regarding Mr. Yutaka Takehana. So yeah, I might be worries too much.

    About what ex-governor Ishihara said, well, I think you just need to track back to the time when Bill 156 got debate.

    @Baka: ECPAT is just a bunch of paranoid fools. The main forces behind this whole crap, even trace back to 2008, is UNICEF, or particularly, UNICEF Japan. Tell them that.

  10. Dark says:

    I’m sorry Mr. Kanemitsu if you don’t like it, but I’m tracking your Twitter almost every day for the last several weeks since the proposal of this crap. I’m not good with Japanese, in fact I just start learning it recently. So I really need your help. Please, even if you’re so busy, I beg your pardon to correct me if what I say below are wrong or right.

    Let’s just say the latest msg from Mr. Ken Akamatsu brought a very little bit of hope when he told the ruling LDP agree with him to “carefully review this bill”. How “careful” are they is beyond me.

    However, the latest conversation between you & Mr. Taro Yamada (11:36 PM – 5 Jul 13) somewhat look very depress to me, since you say Mr Yamada’s efforts somehow down the drain? Presumingly ‘certain members’ of LDP still hard-head & refuse to exclude anime/manga out of this bill (let me guess, Mr Ishihara & co, again?), and all the efforts, lobbying works you all done until now fade way? Or should we, at the very least, expect another uneasy cease fire like Bill 156 until now?

    Again, I’m not Japanese, I only begin to learn Japanese recently, so I might or might not understand all of your messages. Could you kindly explain if I’m right or wrong? Eagerly waiting for your answer.

    Thank you, and best regard.

  11. kowoyoshi says:

    If it passes, I think what we have to hope is that if it pass the lower house, the upper house throws it out for being unconstitutional ~__~

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