Quick Update: Stakes Rise in Japanese Child Pornography Law Revision Debate

I’ve been rather busy as of late, so I have not been able to write more about the current bill submitted to the Japanese Diet that would radically threaten anime and manga if passed in its current form.

I have visited the Diet myself and had some conversations with members of the Diet. A very informative study session was held on June 13th within the House of Representatives office building attended by many members of the Diet. Numerous academics discussed some of the major failings of the current bill being considered, and as an added bonus, Svetlana Mintcheva of National Coalition Against Censorship, a US organizaiton, has spoken out regarding increasing censorship of manga and anime in Japan. To quote; “I would like to express my concern regarding the new amendment to the Japanese Child Pornography laws. Especially the section of the amendment which specifies that manga and anime will be investigated in relation to criminal investigations of child abuse… I believe that such a dispropotionate focus on the connection between cultural production and criminal behavior will have a chilling effect on the production of manga and anime, lead to self censorship, and eventually seriously negatively effect a form of cultural production that is popular around the world.”

Since the proponents of the bill often site pressures from overseas as a rationale behind banning sexual depiction in anime and manga featuring minors, international opposition to increasing censorship in Japan is critical. It helps undercut arguments for increasing censorship of manga and anime.

The good news: The current session of the Diet probably won’t get around to revising the Japanese Child Pornography Law.

The bad news: Members of the Diet have confirmed that certain members of the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party absolutely refuse to exclude clauses that target anime and manga from the current bill. Furthermore, the Japanese Child Pornography Law revision bill currently being considered will not address the issue of junior idols. The issues regarding the commercial exploitation of real children through “junior idol” type publications will be completely untouched, while manga and anime will be singled out as a possible direct cause behind violations of the human rights of real children.

Your Party member Taro Yamada spoke about how this current bill could possibly coast through the Diet if it were not for the clauses that target anime and manga, but Yamada said proponents of the current bill claim the bill was actually a compromise. Supposedly not only was there a desire to ban sexual depictions of minors in manga and anime outright, but there is talk of censoring depictions of murder and suicide as well.

To recap, new bill implies creators and readers of anime and manga have more of an influence on exploitation of real child instead of publishers of junior idols magazines and parents that allow their children to be photographed in such a manner.

I find this hard to comprehend, but I can only relate what has been spoken to me.

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29 Responses to Quick Update: Stakes Rise in Japanese Child Pornography Law Revision Debate

  1. Mike Creig says:

    I’m glad that there is some opposition in my country. The Anime and Manga industry needs more voices to stand for it!

  2. Mike Creig says:

    If this crap passes (Heaven forbid), the mangaka, animators, etc. should hold a general strike or something!!

    • Bob says:

      Of what? You can’t fantasize about half naked 14 year olds any more? Get a life. Find an age appropriate woman that’s actually real. Not your sick 2D fantasies.

  3. Mike Creig says:

    They probably ought to boycott the LDP’s “Cool Japan” programme as well.

  4. Zman says:

    A general strike would only end up hurting the very companies and fans that are fighting this censorship nonsense. However, throwing a wrench into the “Cool Japan” program might have some beneficial effect, though I can’t be sure about that.

    At the very least, it is now crystal clear what the LDP and New Komeito’s real motives are. Their claims of “protecting children” are merely a distractionary ruse (hence their inaction against junior idols and other forms of real exploitation). Their true goal is to censor and weaken anime, manga, and games into artistic irrelevance.

    • tiwddol says:

      “Cool Japan” should probably showcase disturbingly underage junior idols in skimpy outfits! It’s not like they have a problem with that, after all.

  5. tiwddol says:

    I find it hard to comprehend as well, it’s as if the LDP and associated parties are the kind of people interested in such exploitative material that has its victims seamlessly enter a life of prostitution.


  6. Mike Creig says:

    And Prime Minister Abe is a fan of veteran Cantopop idol/”sprog’s rights” advocate Agnes “Kono torikon domo-me!!” Chan!!

  7. nigaboo says:

    Richard Stallman needs to visit japan to get those spineless otaku asianiggers to speak up and fight for their freedoms.

  8. Reika says:

    What’s will happen at this point? Hope it will not pass and die.

  9. Azure says:

    Pff, nothing else to add. This shit makes zero sense and it will never pass. Even if it did, a High Court would struck it down for being unconstitutional for having the potential to threaten freedom of speech.

    Move on, guys. This is the same shit they brought in 2009, and you already know how that ended.

  10. Azure says:

    They should give up already and use that time they are losing in more profitable things. Moreover, all the studies conducted prove criminal sex abuse of children has decreased exponentially at the same time erotic material featuring those depictions has been more available than ever. In that case, why do they want to conduct an investigation if they know their clams are going to get undercut?

    The result of all this mess will be one of these:

    – The proponents of the bill give up in their futile efforts.

    -The bill is struck down in the House of Councillors. I

    -It passes, but eventually fails, leaving the whole thing impotent, or as I said above, a High Court kills it for being unconstitutional and for threatening freedom of speech.

    Also, from what Dan says, it looks like there is internal conflict among the parties.

  11. laglace says:

    i think they should give up..

  12. Josh Taylor says:

    Minky Momo is the first lolicon to fall under this revision and there’s a third Minky Momo series that is planned by Production Reed based off the manga strip called Miracle Dream Minky Momo, and it could be scrapped because of this.

    And when the LDP gets a majority in the Upper House with New Komeito, they will consider passing it right after they attempt to modify the 1947 constitution

    • Wing says:

      Where’s your source involving this information? Was it stated somewhere in Dan’s tweets or is this just speculation. Minky Momo’s a classic magical girl anime but it’s nothing explicit. Furthermore, the Minky Momo reboot plans were most likely hindered by Takeshi Sudo’s (the original creator) death in 2010.

      I’m no soothsayer but please try to cite your sources.

      • dankanemitsu says:

        Just to state, I have not mentioned anything about Minky Momo being censored in my Japanese tweets. I am not aware of any such moves.

        • Wing says:

          Which is why I asked Josh about where he heard this. None of the anime news sites I frequent mentioned anything like this and I know you didn’t mention anything about the series. Production Reed hasn’t made any comments regarding the Minky Momo reboot since its creator died.

          • Mike Creig says:

            Not Minky Momo!! She’s a classic!!

            • Josh Taylor says:

              First of all,, this was rumored in 2004 and in 2010 when Production Reed announced a musical play of Minky Momo in 2012.

              Second, Minky Momo had attracted male fans which apparently made her a lolicon idol. Peter Galbraith asserted this in a interview. This anime was supposed to be for the female demographic just as for all the other magical girl anime.

              Third, just because a creator died long ago could have very little or huge effect on an anime (e.g Crayon Shin-chan continued on after Usui’s death, due to the show’s popularity in Japan, Spain, and America)

              • Josh Taylor says:

                Furthermore, I have not found any resource about that the Musical play Minky Momo in 2012 being cancelled due to the creator’s death. Please cite resource, Wing or Dan.

                • Wing says:

                  Hence why I’m asking where you cited your source. The revision hasn’t even come into effect and we don’t know what specific series is scoped by it. The delay of the Minky Momo being due to the creator’s death is more or less speculation from an Anime News Network editorial column, I’ll admit.

                  However, you yourself have cited no source as to where you got the information that the reboot of this series is being hindered because of this revision. Plans involving the reboot have been slow since 2010 so I don’t see how that and the revision being discussed in the Diet are connected unless you have some proof.

                  • Josh Taylor says:

                    Any kind of Male fan who possess any collectible memorabilia or images of magical girl anime in Japan, such as Minky Momo, could be in danger of winding up in jail for a year plus a fine of 1 million yen (estimating to about $10,500 USD) under the revision

                    I have not found anything on Google Search about Production Reed deciding to cancel the Minky Momo musical play and/or scrapping the plan to make the Third Minky Momo series after Takeshi’s death. I have not found anything recent in Production Reed’s English page or Japanese site (Through Google Translate). His death hasn’t affected Pokemon since He created the idea for Nintendo.

                    Peter Galbraith asserted that Minky Momo was an attempt to court male fans. The President of Production Reed once called the male fans and their activities “disgusting”.

                    • Wing says:

                      Right, now you’re just saying completely different things. You first said that Minky Momo is “the first to fall under this revision” as if it already happened and then you back pedal and admit that it’s nothing more than speculation on your part (ie men in risk of being arrested for owning magical girl merchandise). Alright, if that’s what you were trying to get across, okay then. Just word your posts carefully. Your first comment made it seem like the diet already targeted a series but in the end what you probably meant to get across is how this could affect magical girl series.

                • Wing says:

                  I misread your part about the Minky Momo musical. I did a bit more research. As far as I know, the reboot play was announced in 2010 for a 2012 release but it never exactly came out. However, again, how can this be linked to the ongoing revision? Not even the Tokyo Youth Ordinance has targeted the play. Don’t forget what Dan himself has said. This revision is aiming at 2-d portrayals. Junior idols / idol groups like AKB48 would still be untouched. Ishihara’s old novels would only become illegal if portrayed in anime/manga form.

                  I’m just want to know where you’ve got your information because so far, you’ve said nothing about your sources.

                  • Josh Taylor says:

                    I redact my remarks on the minky momo musical play..I have not seen anything about the play being cancelled due to the creator’s death. I have not seen anything except re-releases of the Minky Momo series 1 and 2 on DVD. Wikipedia should’ve added, “However, due to the Sudo’s death, third Momo series was never planned.” Anime News Network discussion on Sudo’s death never mentioned on the 2012 Minky Momo play being cancelled or the third Momo series not planned on being made.

                    As for the Junior Idol issue, this should’ve been added to the revision of the current child porn bill. I have moral staunch against Junior Idols. I have been familiar with AKB48. The Child porn industry needs to be criminalized which should be mostly be aimed against Junior Idols.

                    Underage children (mostly girls) are to be protected against sex offenders. However, child porn laws have consequences against freedom of expression in the United States. Virginia federal judge refused to overturn the 2003 PROTECT ACT. An Iowa ruled parts of the law unconstitutional, but refused to overturn the remaining sections. Both the Handley and Worley cases had so much effect on our freedom of expression. Child porn, however, is still a crime and it needs to be dealt with.

                    I apologize for my remarks on the Momo play and third series.

  13. Mike Creig says:

    The Japanese people made the WRONG choice last December. This is what happens when people cast their ballots in anger!!

  14. Mike Creig says:

    Some part of me thinks that what Japan’s Otaku and Fujoshi need is a political party of their own!

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