Pushing the Limits

Many of humanity’s proudest achievements came about through imagination, many times considered inappropriate when first made public. Thinking outside of the box understandably threatens people who like the status quo and assume the imaginers are reckless.

Anyone who speaks out to the world who dares to introduce new ideas and attempts to alter how we think are in fact usually scared shitless. They know they will be ridiculed, shunned, rejected and remain poor. Yet humanity benefited greatly from the ranks of these brave souls.

You need not agree with them, support them, nor reserve your displeasure at their works. But don’t censor and erase them. When something is censored, a part of yourself and humanity is lost. It may be a part that you wish to do without, but who are you to judge regarding purging something from the entirety of humanity’s imagination.

I intend to not only defend our imagination to the best of my abilities, but exploit it as well. I hope you will too.

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PS: Kanemitsu original witches coming soon in Takeshi Nogami’s Witches of the Sphinx vol.5. New original witches coming on April 30th, 2012. This story will be in English.

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5 Responses to Pushing the Limits

  1. "Akashiya Moka" says:

    I like your idea on this post :)
    I try to find the Takeshi Nogami’s Witches of the Sphinx vol. 1 to 4, in here your blog but i can’t find it :)
    Do you published in Japan only?
    or do you upload here or to another place?

  2. dm00 says:

    I’ve been enjoying your and Takeshi Nogami’s collaborations — I’ve gone on to his Azure Century Chronicle, too. What I’d really like to see more of is Sengoku Witches.

  3. Hello!

    I just noticed a little mistake in the title of this picture. The correct word would be Hauptmann. Just thought to let you know. :)

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