Summer Madness 2011

I’m still here. I’m just a little overwhelmed.
A lot of things have been going on these last few months.

The Storm Witches translations are done and in stores. It should not be hard to find them.
I just finished translating a book from English to Japanese, and wrote some articles that will be featured in various magazines.

But the big news, of course, was our presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

I’ll try to write up my notes so everyone can read them in the next few weeks, but I’ll be completely absorbed with stuff to do in the next two weeks. Hopefully things will calm down once I get over that hill.

Going to SDCC was really tough and I spread myself really thin in the process, but I’m glad I was able to re-connect with a lot of people after an absence of many many years.

Take care,

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17 Responses to Summer Madness 2011

  1. utilsabound says:

    By “The Storm Witches translations,” do you mean the novel compilation, or the already released books?

    • dankanemitsu says:

      All the manga of the “Witches of Africa” series has been translated and released. All chapters of “Witches of the Sphinx” (both manga and novels) have been translated and released. Plans for the novel are up in the air as of now.

  2. Rensie the witch says:

    Take your time Dan.

    • dankanemitsu says:

      Thank you. More fun stuff coming soon. If you are visiting the summer Comic Market, be sure to visit Nogami’s booth.
      Takeshi Nogami’s Firstspear will be at the summer Comic Market on the 3rd day, Sunday, Aug. 14th, 2011, at M-31 a/b in East Hall 2.

  3. Max says:

    Dang, that panel sounded interesting. Good luck at Comic Market and I hope we hear soon what is next. I second Rensie said, take all the time you need.

  4. Mike Craig says:

    Dan, Shocking latest news on Comiket 80. Please read this.


    • dankanemitsu says:

      This isn’t at all shocking. I’ve read the rules in Japanese. They actually relaxed the rules in many respects. The “1/3 breasts” rule is a relaxation of the previous “the entire chest must be hidden” rule.
      While by Western standards, these rules might seem rather harsh, but believe me, the Comic Market climbed many mountains to get here within the confines of Japanese society.

      • Dark says:

        I agree with you, Mr. Dan
        Even after reading the quick translation in ANN’s forum, I don’t see any problem whatsoever in the new rule.
        May be Mike is a bit overreact, but everything seem unchanged to me…well, except if you want to try S&M costume, or something like that, then this is a big problem for you :))
        Even my friends also said this rules might be more relax than the old one, so nothing, in fact, change at all

  5. Mike Craig says:

    Sorry for over-reacting, guys. My bad.

  6. Mike Craig says:

    BTW, Dan…

    What time of year can a new poltical party in Japan be formed?
    Given the “sitch” right now, may Otaku can form their own.

    Or is it a bad idea? Please let me know if so.

  7. rubi-kun says:

    What actually has happened since the bill went into full effect? Other than the 6 manga that were banned and a few TV stations scared to show R-15, has anything actually been affected by this? The current season of anime seems pretty same business as always. There’s still gay characters in shows and shonen ai anime in production, so it seems like the fear this would be like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for anime hasn’t come true yet. And Bunny Drop’s final volume, published in print form a week after the law went into full effect, ends with an illegal incestuous marriage, of all things. Has that been censored? Was this law really just a veiled threat that didn’t really mean anything? Or are they having trouble enforcing it and the moment and should we expect them to figure out how to enforce it and thus watch things to get worse?

    • Dark says:

      As far as I can see, those 6 titles are either stop publishing ages ago, or just finish already (Aki Sora). And with things like this, I suppose mangakas will have to focus more to story, rather than just overused fanservices; otherwise the publishers will have to stop printing them “because they harm the youth”
      In other word, I think it is the publishers, not our dear faggot of a governor, are the one who will decide which one should be stop (before they lose money), which should not; since it is the office, not a single person, make the decision.
      About our dear governor, his excellency, I suppose he should lay low a bit, since the board of TAF decide to restart it next year, or he will have quite a bunch of crap to deal
      Well…this is just my own opinion. Of course, even with everything now, we can not stop, until we’re able to force them abolish that law; just like those gay in New York (they had to fight for many years to get their marriage legally)

    • Dark says:

      And, about R-15, only 2/10 stations stop showing it, so I don’t think it had any thing to do with that law. If we’re talking about that, I suppose our late night show will be affected first hand…..but they are not.
      As much as I can say, I think some of the official at those stations have some kind of connection with …you-know-who, so they decide it’s best to not to piss him off. Of course, it will not stop the BD version (uncensored) to appear.

  8. inquis122 says:

    Hey Dan,
    First off, thank you SOOOO much for translating the Witches of Africa series. It is awesome to see official doujin releases in English. My question is, will the Samurai Witches book ever get translated? Or has it already? Looking around the internet it was the only one I could not find an English translation of. I actually picked up the Japanese version on a recent visit to Tokyo, but would totally buy it again if translated. Thanks!

  9. Reika_86 says:

    Hi Dan, can you clarify this statement with additional infos? I’m a bit worried now if they ban all anime and manga. O_o

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