D-Day for the Bill 156

Thank you very much for the feedback you were nice enough to send for yesterday’s NicoNico live broadcast.

I only had a chance to read four or five of the messages, but we enjoyed all of them. I’ll try to send feedback to everyone as soon as I can, but I am swamped with work that needed to be done yesterday. I’ve been up for about 24 hours straight and I need to get some rest. This has been a grueling couple of weeks.

I don’t know the exact numbers of people who watched our debate yesterday, but I was told it peaked at over 60,000 toward the end. I’m amazed that so many people were nice enough to watch was talk about Bill 156.

What will become of Bill 156?

I honestly don’t know. We’ll see in a few hours.

Good night, and good luck.

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5 Responses to D-Day for the Bill 156

  1. Liam Zwitser says:

    we shall see… I honestly think it would be quite stupid for the DPJ to vote in favor. I would never do it from an electoral point of view… I am partly organising an electoral campaign right now and I know I would pull my hairs out if my part jumped viewpoints like this… especially on a bill that is so slaughtered by the press.

  2. Rika-chan says:

    Thanks for all the hard work Dan, hope the bill will never pass and DPJ vote against. Cross fingers for mangakas, and all people who work in the anime industry.

  3. drmchsr0 says:

    Sadly, I had work and I no Nico account.

    And I sure hope it gets defeated. I’m afraid that it might lead to more than just curtailing freedom of expression, if China is to be taken as a grim example.

    It could be an excuse to crack down on political dissent. (Ironically, novels are exempt…)

  4. Zenza says:

    So the bill passed
    this is a sad day indeed

    From what i’ve been reading it will only come in effect in July so this bill can still be overturned right?

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