Kadokawa Takes a Stand

Astonishing news has just come up.

Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co Ltd.’s president, Shin-Ichiro Inoue released the following message on Twitter:


“At this time, the decision has been made that Kadokawa Shoten will not participate in next year’s Tokyo Anime Fair. [This is because we find] Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s stance against manga authors and the anime industry community to be unsatisfactory in certain respects.”

Until now, anime companies and other larger companies have been avoided talking about Tokyo’s pending youth bill revision, even during last spring.

Now Kadokawa is not a pure animation company. They deal with publishing as well as anime, but they have a huge presence in anime, movies, TV as well as the printed media. Large companies usually prefer to avoid taking confrontational stances against governmental regulation, and very rarely do entertainment companies get involved in legislative issues, so this is very big deal.

And yes, I did verify that this was the Twitter account of the real Mr. Inoue, President of Kadokawa. I’ve checked with multiple sources.

But why target the Tokyo Anime Fair?

Part of it may have to do with the fact that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is a member of the executive committee of the event, but more specifically, Governor Ishihara is the chairperson of the committee that operates of the Tokyo Anime Fair and his greetings can be found on the Anime Fair web page.

Until now, the passage of Bill 156 looked quite certain based on numerous tips I’ve received, but Mr. Inoue’s announcement might start a ripple effect that could alter the minds of legislators.

However, the chances that bill will pass is still very high. Now would be good time to have your voices heard.

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10 Responses to Kadokawa Takes a Stand

  1. Mika-chan says:

    However, the chances that bill will pass is still very high. Now would be good time to have your voice heard.

    But if the Democratic party will oppose the bill will never pass right? for what i see Democratic party is against the bill.
    Hope this crap don’t pass.

    • dankanemitsu says:

      The DPJ is in a very tough spot. There was a smear campaign waged against them this fall that took them to task for opposing the bill in spring. If there was more time, then public support could be built up to help the DPJ members that want to fight the bill, but with the bill coming up to a yes or no vote in committee in 4 days (Dec. 13th) there is very little time.

      • Mika-chan says:

        I don’t know how politic work in Jap but isn’t enought that DPJ say “NO” like last time? If DPJ support anime and manga industry i don’t see the big deal. They shouldn’t listen to this Ishibara hypocryte racist.

  2. A manga-anime company that can say NO to censorship ^^

    But, in Osaka the city council has passed a new “youth bill” against dojinshi manga, isn’t it? O_O

  3. Nemo_N says:

    Any place in particular where we could send a message to let our opinions be known?

  4. So that’s it we lost? This sucks

  5. I will never step in Tokyo ever. Because that Gov. is the biggest jerk I ever heard. Because he dosen’t like gay people. Well I hope the people who like anime and manga will be very pissed.

  6. Mike Craig says:

    Come on, DPJ!
    Don’t us down!
    They’re just trying to smear you guys!
    Don’t let that old fart Ishihara win!!

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