Massive Translation Month

Hello everyone.

I’m sorry not writing on the blog recently, but I’ve been very very busy this last month.

I’ve finished doing a whole bunch of work on Eva 2.22 English translation and you can expect some of the results of that to filter out to overseas in the coming months. Also, I finished working on them massive Eva 2.22 Complete Records Collection. I had a hand in coming up with some names and such.

I’m right now finishing up translating the novel to the latest Strike Witches doujinshi from Nogami. It’s the semi-official “Witches of Africa – The Witches of the Sphinx” storyline. I’ve already finished the translation to Nogami’s manga and I’m once again doing a complete translation of Suzuki’s short story.

I’ve also done Miki Matsuda’s Unlimited Wing 2 – Episode 6. That’s the last chapter in the series.

Also worked on helping out with Black Lagoon series 3 – Roberta’s Blood Trail. You can blame me for the series name. I also helped out with coming up with the episode names.

All right. Stay cool and take care!

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2 Responses to Massive Translation Month

  1. einhorn303 says:

    I was actually just wondering about the 2nd volume to Witches of the Sphinx…do you know how or when it’ll be distributed internationally? Will it be on MangaPal like the 1st volume? I’m eagerly looking forward to it, and don’t want to miss any sort of narrow pre-order window!

  2. Chuck Carey says:

    Sounds good… I have one question though. Is the translation accurate?

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