Nonexistent Youth Bill going nonexistent?

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You might have read some information regarding the current attempt by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s to classify any fictional characters resembling under 18 as “nonexistent youth” and to regulate any “anti-social” sexual depiction of them as being “harmful publications” and therefore restrict publications featuring any such “harmful material” as being adult only.

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In any case, some major developments have been going on in the last couple of weeks that have been scantly covered by the English speaking world, so here’s my write up. I’d like to write more, but I’m still recovering from a major sinus infection.

I hope the info below is informative.

– May 12th
The Tokyo Bar Association protests against this bill as it is an unnecessary intrusion by government into family’s private decision making on how to raise their children, impedes against freedom of expression. They advocate for the current prefectural ordinance regarding youth protection to be scrapped and started anew with an emphasis on enshrining the rights of children as espoused by the United Nations.

– May 17th
A large meeting regarding the revision of Tokyo’s youth protection bill attended by over 900 people and broadcast live on the Internet took place in Ikebukuro’s Toshima Kōkaido. The event was sponsored in part by the All Japan Doujinshi Marketplace Network. I was one of the guest speakers at the event and I discussed the issue of how numerous international groups and overseas proponents of regulation of Japanese sexually explicit material have spun a radically negative light upon Japan’s anime, manga and anime industry, and therefore helped make the case within the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to attempt further regulation on the industry. Some very interesting observations were made by Prof. Kawai and Prof. Miyadai.

– May 18th
Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly General Affairs Committee holds hearings over the proposed revision of the youth healthy development ordinance. Four experts, two against and two for the revision testify. One of the experts testifying was Miyadai. His presentation was previewed at the event the day before in Ikebukuro.

– May 20th
Attorney at Law Takashi Yamaguchi started a new petition protesting against the revision of the youth protection ordinance. The deadline for this petition is June 4th.

Sankei’s online poll on the nonexistent youth bill find 90% opposed.

– May 21st
Japan’s largest association of lawyers, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, also speaks out against the youth bill revision. They not only advocate that the bill be scrapped, but they call on the current bill to be replaced with a new bill that places emphasis on protecting the rights of real children instead of limiting their freedoms.

– May 23rd
An International symposium regarding the censorship over manga and the expanded role museums should play over manga theory takes place at Kyoto Seika University. It is attended by numerous academics, both Japanese as well as those from overseas. One of the important topics taken up during this symposium is recent developments over the nonexistent youth legislation and the role of international pressure against Japan over sexually explicit manga and anime.

– May 25th
1421 manga artists and 10 publishers publicly protest the youth revision bill. They main contention is that the bill is too vague and will significantly impede free speech because authors and publishers won’t know what’s to be restricted or not.
Some famous people that are part of this protest is Takao Saito, Yukari Ichijyo, Naoki Urasawa, Fujiko Fujio A, Tetsuya Chiba, Moto Hagio, Kodansha and Shogakkan.

– May 27th
Yomiuri reports, TMG’s DPJ caucus demands the current draft of the youth protection bill to be withdrawn. TMG refuses to agree to any revisions to the current bill, making the prospect of the bill to be defeated in committee very high. DPJ is said to be actively contemplating not just revising the current bill, but scrapping the bill outright.

– May 28th
Mainichi backs Yomiuri’s previous article. Mainichi also adds that the Japanese Association of Manga Authors has also expressed their opposition to he revision of the bill.

Kyodo also back Yomiuri’s report, adding that now the centralist Seikatsusha Network caucus is joining DPJ’s call for the TMG to withdraw a bill that even its own Governor has admitted as being difficult to comprehend. It further states that, while the DPJ has prepared a revision to the proposed bill, the chances for its approval by the LDP and NKT is so low that they are considering they won’t even bother submitting it.

Governor Ishihara insists only the wording of the bill is bad, and the intent of the bill is good. Therefore, Ishihara does not believe major revision should be done, but insists the two drafts should be submitted to the assembly for review.

– May 29th

Asahi reports prospects for the adoption of the current draft of the youth protection bill is now nonexistent since all three opposition parties now formerly decided to oppose the bill.

Yomuri also reports the DPJ has decided to formerly oppose the bill. This is a far cry from the previous position of “extending deliberations.” The bill will die if the DPJ and other opposition parties goes ahead with what Yomiuri and others have reported.

SHAMELESS PLUG : Two new books on the Nonexistent Youth Bill to be published, both featuring yours truly.

– Nonexistent Youth Restriction Protester’s Reader
A 128 page book regarding the current proposed Tokyo bill. The book concentrates heavily on the indepth commentary by numerous specialists and authors. As Dan Kanemitsu, I wrote a piece about how 34 authors and industry people and I directly petitioned to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.

– Nonexistent Youth Reader
A 116 page book filled with interviews by over 100 authors, industry professionals and other interested parties regarding the current proposed bill. Cover features artwork by Takami Akai, formerly of Gainax. As Dan Kanemitsu, I wrote a short piece about misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding the Japanese industry that contribute to hostile pressures from overseas.

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